Entirely designed and produced in Italy by expert craftsmen

To accompany a beautiful belt, you need a high quality buckle that knows how to enhance the lines and make the genuine leather belt unique. We therefore decided to specialize and offer a wide range of different styles of buckles, from the simplest to the most particular and worked ones. All Reptile’s House women’s buckles are of great quality, with a resistant metal structure and embellished with an exclusive gold or silver plating of the highest finish. These items are specific for belts with sizes of 2.5cm, 3cm and 4cm. The buckles fit the women’s leather belts that can be purchased in our e-commerce. Their design is designed for every occasion: from the day at the office to the more casual evening. Even the buckle alone, in fact, can completely change the look of a belt and transform it from a simpler accessory to a more gritty one. Our craftsmen have created buckles to customize sporty, classic, casual and elegant looks.

The search for the perfect buckle

For more minimal belts, we recommend buckle models such as Alba, Camilla or Altea , available in gold, silver or anthracite colors, perfect for giving importance to a suit with an elegant white shirt. If, on the other hand, you prefer to appear and tell a real story with your own look, you should go to the many models of more elaborate buckles and particular details. For example, those with a marine theme such as Ancora, Marion, Stella Marina and Nemo , always highly appreciated for their originality. For those looking for a more jaunty style, we recommend daring with the original belt buckles depicting different animals of the African savannah such as Leo, Tiger or Zebra.which, with jeans, express a free and decisive character. We invite you to play and find the perfect buckle for different outfits. Always to be combined with women’s leather belts , to wear high quality accessories entirely designed and produced in Italy. We would like to underline that all our products, before being put on the market, must pass precise quality controls to guarantee customers high quality standards.