Stingray belts

A luxury that lasts over time

Stingray leather belts represent one of the most luxurious accessories, a real sought-after piece.
Purebred leather has an incredibly long history behind it.
Also known as Galuchat, from the name of an expert French craftsman who made precious items for King Louis XV.
In fact, it has been used since the 18th century as a raw material to create valuable accessories that need to last over time. Its particular texture, made of small and refined circles, gives a natural brightness that will immediately highlight your style.

Reptile’s House stingray leather belts are made by the skilled hands of our artisans with great care and passion, starting from the choice of the material, passing through the carving and ending with the particular stitching. Each stingray belt is a unique and exclusive piece, thanks to the natural variations of the leather and its amazing veins.

Furthermore, this leather has the advantage of being very resistant and the combination with the careful workmanship of our craftsmen will make it an article destined for a long life.

Choose from different colors, all extremely refined and elegant, designed to meet the needs of every woman.