Python belts

100% handcrafted, genuine leather

Reptile’s House creates belts in fine genuine python leather, rigorously handmade, giving class and elegance to an essential accessory for any outfit.

Our artisans, with wisdom and tradition, treat and enhance the leathers, highlighting their exotic and refined nature.
These refined items are entirely handmade using only fine quality materials, all strictly guaranteed Made in Italy.

Python leather belts are an elegant way of expressing one’s being and are synonymous with Italian quality and excellence.

The belts can be worn in more traditional ways, or more imaginative. In a traditional way, combining them with a nice suit, while, they give a more whimsical tone to the look if worn on a casual and modern dress. We supply various models of high and thin python belts. The former are the ideal choice for large loops, while thin belts are that detail that does not hesitate to get noticed.

We invite you to choose the perfect buckle in combination with the belt, an accessory that will make your image truly unique. Let yourself be tempted by the colors and beautiful shades of this selection of women’s python belts.