Iguana belts

A belt to amaze

The leather belts iguanas are among the most popular items of Reptile’s House.

To meet the needs of every woman, Reptile’s House has created a line of leather belts, practical and elegant, fashionable, with a carefully studied design. Among the various types of skins on which we have specialized, there is the refined iguana skin. These belts are the result of the continuous innovation of the Milanese company.

We at Reptile’s House, in fact, have been researching raw materials for years and paying great attention to the study of new materials.
Essential and unique, these articles respond to the desires of every woman.

Available in different colors, from the most classic to the most eye-catching, these belts are also easily combined with jeans. They are also the perfect choice for women looking for a more elegant style because they match perfectly with more elegant garments.
The processing is, as always for Reptile’s House, completely handcrafted and of the highest quality.

The iguana leather belts are accessories capable of standing out from the crowd for the refined distinctive motifs imprinted on the leather. The slight variations in the color of the leather make the article unique, personal and inimitable.

Choose the color you want and fall in love with the iguana leather belts!