Crocodile belts

Exclusive women’s crocodile belts

Crocodile belts are a timeless classic to combine with an elegant and formal outfit. Refined and at the same time decisive, they remain a must-have that every woman should have in her wardrobe. Our  belts  offer a perfect harmony between class and comfort, fitting naturally and simply into the hectic life of an entrepreneur or the complex and extravagant life of an artist. The style, the attention to detail and the attention we provide to the product for our customers distinguishes us from the classic buy and go object.

Reptile’s House creations represent tradition, but revisited in a modern key with particular combinations developed with the great experience in this sector. The processes applied to this refined leather are of various types, from the most classic to the most creative, but always aimed at not distorting the refined raw material.

You will find crocodile leather belts in different colors such as the amazing yellow of Sabine or the simpler black Effi .

You can also choose between different heights, we have a wide choice of both 4 cm and 2.5 cm belts, to be considered according to everyone’s preferences.