Small and mini, signed Reptile’s House

The  clutch bags  can be of two sizes: small handbags or mini.
It is important to make this distinction in size for clutch bags because there are those who want them of super minimal and essential size, while those who prefer it slightly larger.

The Reptile’s House models are designed to be fashionable and functional: each clutch bag designed by our stylists is equipped with a thin shoulder strap, to leave your hands free if necessary, and internal pockets for personal effects. The semi-finished leather, also called  crust , is modeled down to the smallest detail with the techniques of carving, lasering, weaving and printing.

This type of bag is undoubtedly the trend of the moment and adapts perfectly to any moment of the day, from day to evening.
For the day, you can choose from the most capacious such as the Era model , while for the evening, in combination with a more refined look, we recommend a mini model, such as the beautiful Aloha .

Reptile’s House leather clutch bags are like a jewel: made with the utmost care and precision in the smallest processes, they illuminate your clothing.

Small, but impossible not to notice them!