Reptile’s House quality

The  women’s backpacks are made by our craftsmen, who derive from a traditional knowledge consolidated over the years to give uniqueness to each model.

The  handcrafted backpacks  remain well  adherent to the back , thanks to the studied anatomical shape. The models created by our craftsmen have different sizes. The larger ones have a pocket inside which  can contain, for example, a computer or a tablet; while the smaller ones offer  internal and external pockets,  with a metal zip with a discreet and refined design.

Smartphone and wallet can be placed inside an  easily accessible pocket , while in the external pockets everything that needs to remain within reach for quick use can be stored. The  shoulder straps are adjustable  so that the weight is well balanced over the entire spine. The ergonomics does not detract from the shapes, which are combined with different styles.

At the beginning, leather backpacks were used only by sporty women, but over the years, they have increasingly established themselves and are currently chosen by an increasing slice of the female audience. Their comfort and functionality, in fact, does not exclude a studied and, if desired, elegant design.

You can choose from the more classic  black backpacks , which go with everything, or  from the more lively colored backpacks , great for giving a bold touch to your outfit.