Many models, unique design

Is there a limit to the amount of accessories a woman can have in her closet? At Reptile’s House, we don’t think there is a specific number. For almost 40 years, our fashion house has been making accessories and  leather bags for women strictly handmade and designed to meet the needs of each one. Through accessories, in fact, we communicate our identity and, correct combinations, will give importance to the clothes we wear. What distinguishes our products is the passion that every day we put into the selection of the raw material to find the finest leathers, in the design of haute couture models, in the accurate carving and assembly. with meticulously finished details.

Our collection

Our handbags, made by master craftsmen, have a refined design that will never be out of fashion, while, wallets are the perfect accessories that combine functionality and beauty. In the bags section, we have selected items of different sizes. From the largest and most capacious like Jadashopper to the smallest and most essential like the Era clutch. Even our wallets cannot be done without and, with the different shades of color, they will be the detail capable of adding elegance to the handbag. The belts, with their bright and lively colors, add a touch of style to outfits. When paired with our wide selection of buckles, they will make it a one-of-a-kind accessory. All our belts are created with the aim of enhancing any look and, thanks to the wide choice of colors and leathers, they will make every woman unique. Finally, the buckles are for us a real bijoux, the perfect closure for an equally perfect belt. We recommend, to name one, the Lea cobra leather belt combined with the Bow bucklegold plated, you will not go unnoticed! All items come to life thanks to the manual skills of our craftsmen who, with love and passion, work only the best natural python, calf, cobra, ray, iguana, ostrich and crocodile leathers.

The result is an assortment of precious handcrafted jewels capable of combining elegance and refinement but also functionality to better face everyday life. In the outlet section, moreover, we have concentrated some models of bags at advantageous prices, but always characterized by the great quality signed by Reptile’s House. We therefore invite you to browse through our creations and discover the philosophy behind Reptile’s House.
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