San Valentino: abbigliamento romantico e borse in pelle made in Italy per il giorno più dolce dell’anno

Valentine’s Day: romantic clothing and leather bags made in Italy for the sweetest day of the year

Cupid shoots the arrow. Love flares up for an intangible fuel from the trigger of the first glance. Or sometimes it is like the slow and tenacious drop that digs the stone. Whether it happens in the first way, sudden, overwhelming, strong and destabilizing, or in the second, with dilated times and lazy awareness, sooner or later as a couple we find ourselves choosing together what to do for Valentine’s Day. Dinner is usually the most important moment of the day, the one in which you can enjoy the utmost tranquility and exchange small gifts for lovers. After booking the right restaurant, which satisfies our tastes for the dishes and the atmosphere, we often have to ask ourselves what clothing is suitable for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner . The watchwords in these cases are simplicity and attention to detail. The moments dedicated to the calm of deep feelings do not require excesses or noise. Each fragment that builds the scene must release harmony and intimacy. So, let’s take an overview of the romantic clothing and leather bags made in Italy suitable for Valentine’s Day dinner. Summary: Valentine’s Day: romantic clothing and leather bags made in Italy for the sweetest day of the year The romantic style of clothing and handcrafted genuine leather bags A romantic bag for a special evening The right clothing for a romantic dinner: which models to be inspired by Romantic style of clothing and shoulder bags by Reptile’s House The satchel bags and romantic clothing Reptile’s House: handcrafted fine leather bags online

The romantic style of clothing and handcrafted genuine leather bags

The romantic style of clothing is colorful, yet understated. Its shades are those of pastel colors, discreet, welcoming, able to illuminate without putting themselves in the foreground. Powder pink, apple green, light blue, banana yellow, white, aqua green, cream are the persuasive notes of a visual fragrance that relaxes and promotes sharing, openness to others in a happy atmosphere. The shapes of the dresses are just as sober and soft, when you want to perfectly interpret the romantic style of clothing. Skirts that are too short and clothing that are too tight are banned. Knee-length skirts, slipped dresses, wide sweaters, pleats, lace, bows and lace, on the other hand, represent gems that cannot be missing in an enviable wardrobe for couple dinners. But after choosing the right dress, or the favorite combination of blouse and longuette, or a nice suit with trousers, and the most suitable shoes, the crucial moment arrives: ambarabaciccicoccò, among the leather bags made in Italy in the wardrobe which is the most romantic, tender and slightly cheesy, great for Valentine’s Day? To carry a heart-shaped box of chocolates, is a model among the satchel bags signed by Reptile’s House more suitable or a sophisticated and casual example of shoulder bags? The genuine handcrafted leather bags make our case because they combine in themselves the expression of an ancient knowledge of manual labor and a contemporary taste that remains sophisticated and at the same time sober.

A romantic bag for a special evening

romantic bag suitable for Valentine’s Day has the discreet character of clothing in pastel colors, wide, slippery, with soft lines that wrap in a gentle way, without tightening. In addition to everything necessary that a woman always keeps at hand, it must also contain a small gift for the feast of lovers, first the one to give to her partner, then the one received from him. The made in Italy leather bags by Reptile’s House are perfect handicraft products to accommodate the makeup bag, a voluminous wallet, the now inevitable smartphone, the house keys and some plush or heart-shaped trinkets representative of the love feeling. Made of calfskin, they are soft, soft to the touch and have internal and external pockets to better organize everything you want to take with you. A great classic of romantic handbags is woven leather, which makes the surfaces dynamic, three-dimensional, crossed by plays of light and shadow. Weaving is one of the oldest techniques used to make all kinds of artifacts, such as plates, baskets, fans, dresses, footwear. The satchel bags by Reptile’s House fit perfectly. It draws slightly rounded shapes to perfection and is easily combined with large woven fabrics. But what are the colors of the romantic leather bags made in Italy? To always remain within the scope of the taste for the romantic style of clothing, the contrasts must be cloaked in the aplomb of tone-on-tone. Therefore, the notes of brown , from the lightest to the intense ones of coffee and chocolate, are an excellent choice for the satchel and shoulder bags by Reptile’s House. The laurel color, the acorn, the hazelnut, the mahogany: they are warm shades that emphasize the soft colors of the romantic style clothing.

The right clothing for a romantic dinner: which models to be inspired by

The ideal clothing for a romantic dinner is characterized by the slightly retro charm that looks to the sixties and seventies. An unforgettable icon of this style is Audrey Hepburn, beautiful with a natural make-up, who is there, but not seen, with her hair tied up, the wide flared skirts, long up to the knee. In Blake Edwards’ 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany’s , Hepburn wears one of the most important dresses in twentieth-century fashion history: the little black Givenchy dress . We all admired it in the first images of the film, in the posters and in the windows of every shop that offers it again. The progenitor of all the sheath dresses that peek out of our wardrobes was an Italian black satin dress, sleeveless, below the knee, slightly tight at the waist and a little open at the shoulders. The interpretation of Hepburn, the success of the film, the very beauty of the model have made it a timeless classic of clothing, a piece of clothing that cannot be missing in every woman’s wardrobe. For Valentine’s Day dinner, an Audrey Hepburn-style dress showcases the sweetest femininity. But what to combine with a dress that is recognized and appreciated by all for its sobriety and elegance? The right accessory is not over the top, but remains in the ranks of understatement. Among the evening bags by Reptile’s House it is possible to choose the perfect model, which leaves the beauty of the dress in the foreground and completes the ensemble with harmony and functionality. The small black clutches of the Lombard fashion house are handmade according to the consolidated techniques of tradition. They are offered in black or metal black, to give a flicker of light to the overall image.

Romantic style of clothing and shoulder bags by Reptile’s House

Elegance is interpreted by different shapes, colors and materials. A silk blouse or white blouse combined with the models of the Reptile’s House shoulder bags create a crystalline correspondence that is well suited to the clear notes of Valentine’s Day. To complete the outfit in the best way you can choose a wide skirt that reaches almost the ankles and a pair of soft suede boots, with a not too high heel. The materials of the romantic style of clothing are silk, knitwear and organza, for the most demanding dresses, those that are worn for a dinner out, an evening at the theater or for a special event. These are fabrics that blend perfectly with the fine leather of handcrafted bags designed and made with skill and skill, based on ancient knowledge handed down over the centuries from generation to generation.

The satchel bags and romantic clothing

The satchel bags signed by Reptile’s House are extremely versatile accessories, with shapes that wink to the retro taste. Depending on the size, they are suitable for the day or for the evening. For Valentine’s Day, if we are planning a candlelit dinner, it is good to prefer a small trunk in a shade of the brown range, or black, to stay on the classic that never disappoints. The trunk has an elective affinity with the classic coat, with square lines, along the knee. A pair of soft, comfortable trousers and an ankle boot with a round toe and a sturdy medium heel give the distinctive trait of a casual yet sophisticated outfit. These are ideal combinations for women who do not give up on comfort and determination even on Valentine’s Day.

Reptile’s House: handcrafted fine leather bags online

Reptile’s House is a Milan fashion house specializing in the creation of accessories in fine leather, calfskin, python and crocodile. Among its many quality products, there are handcrafted leather bags that are offered online on the e-commerce site. They are objects with attention to every detail, rigorously made by hand, with traditional craftsmanship techniques consolidated over the centuries. Reptile’s House leather artifacts are the product of the perfect union between ancient knowledge and new technologies. They respond to the need to satisfy the desire for beauty and to be comfortable. Browse the Reptile’s House e-commerce and find the perfect bag for your Valentine’s Day.
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