Trendy models and colors of bags for spring

Spring and Summer are the perfect seasons to show off outfits with bright and bright shades. Accessories become a meeting point between different styles, giving a touch of class and elegance for every occasion. The trends of the last season speak for themselves: bright colors, pop but also pastel shades. The common thread must always be the quality of the materials and the attention to individual details to complete your look in the best possible way.


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Pop colors and essential designs, outfits and bags

The bag has always been the essential accessory for the woman who wants to add a touch of class and elegance to her outfit. In fact, according to your needs, it is impossible not to find the model that best suits your look. The trends of the season include bright colors inspired by the 80s combined with sophisticated but very elegant designs. First of all it is the green, in its various variations of shades, that peeks out from the catwalks all over the world. The most popular shades of green are certainly those of the mint family, but also with a touch of pastel blue. Another trendy color is certainly orange in all its warm or cold variations. 2022 foresees a combination of strong and bright colors with neutral shades, such as beige, cream, but also ton-sur-ton constructions with a pastel base.

The clothing becomes lighter, with soft and slippery fabrics that caress the shape of the body. The perfect way to enhance a spring look is certainly to combine it with accessories of the highest quality and craftsmanship. Bags with weaves and leather details. handles worked and adjustable for any occasion. Manufacturing is certainly an important point to best complete any type of outfit without neglecting any aspect.


Tendenze Borse 2022

Leather bags: the trendy models for Spring

Every occasion involves the use of a certain type of bag, especially in terms of size and capacity. The most popular models for the spring season are certainly handbags, practical and effective, but with a considerable capacity. Odine, signed Reptile’s House, is an ocean-colored leather bag that can give character to even the simplest outfits. The completely handcrafted interlacing game is the hallmark for a unique and inimitable accessory. Large and structured, shoulder bags are certainly the most sought after models, especially by dynamic women who need an iridescent and easily adaptable style. The practical zip or magnetic closures are ideal for hectic days with a thousand commitments.

Backpacks are a category of versatile accessories with an unmistakable style. Used not only for the world of work, backpacks are also perfect to complete elegant and prominent looks. The craftsmanship in leather is a must-have to wear a product that stands out perfectly from the more frequent models. The pastel colors are certainly the most original for this kind of accessory, especially in the shades of blue and lilac.

Tendenze Borse 2022

Enhance a look with quality accessories

Any type of outfit needs to be embellished with accessories that enhance its elegance. The craftsmanship of Made in Italy, quality leathers and attention to detail are some of the elements to be taken into consideration. Each accessory produced and designed by Reptile’s House has a history of quality and innovation behind it, both in terms of workmanship and design.

The company offers the highest quality materials, finished down to the smallest detail and ready to meet the needs of every woman, enriching their outfits as best as possible.

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