Travel bags: this winter, on vacation with elegance

Travel bags: this winter, on holiday with elegance

Winter is now here, the cold begins to be felt and summer holidays are now a distant memory … Good reasons to close at home? Absolutely not!

This is the moment to organize a trip out of town or a weekend of relaxation in some charming mountain town or city of art. An escape from the greyness of the metropolis is the best way to take a well-deserved break from the usual daily routine.

When you are faced with a journey, whether it is a weekend, a week or several days, it is inevitable that you are faced with the difficult choice of suitable travel bags.

A good bag, especially in winter, is essential: the choice on the market is very wide and includes offers of products for all tastes … From the travel bag in soft leather to the waterproof nylon bag, from the ultra-accessory backpack to the more classic trolley .

The bag will be your faithful travel companion, with which to share emotions, roads and landscapes that the journey itself promises. This decision is therefore very important, as traveling is definitely easier with the right type of bag. And of course the key is quality. Quality and Comfort, always mixed with a winning design.

Whether the holiday starts with a trolley, with shoulder bags or with a soft duffel bag, it’s no secret that we women will try to do it with style and show off a trendy accessory!


Louis Vuitton, Fair Play Collection


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The right luggage at the right time: the leather bag

Elegance and practicality: the union for a trendy trip

Traveling colors: gray and black. Chromatic dominant of the winter 18 / 19

The backpack, a signed travel friend: Reptile’s House


The right luggage at the right time: the leather bag


For the perfect getaway, whether it’s a weekend or a day trip, finding the right size and the type of travel bags suited to our needs is very important to ensure its success.

More elegant than a bulky rigid suitcase, easy to store in the aircraft or train hatboxes, the travel bag in leather it will be the ideal choice for your last-minute outings: extremely comfortable and versatile bags where you can put everything you need, so that you do not carry the useless weight of a half-empty trolley, for example if you are traveling for the weekend .

Whether your style is more classic or more attentive to current trends, handcrafted leather bags and travel bags they go well with any look you choose. In fact, they are chameleon-like accessories in colors and shapes, whose material makes them always fashionable, even and above all for traveling.

The winning element is the skin, conjugated in its heavier variants to cope with the harsh temperatures of the winter months – an example is the sheepskin, a very resistant and heavy leather, suitable for those who want to be casual but at the same time glamor.

The travel bags for the modern woman (such as the travel bags for men) made of leather lend themselves to more situations: perfect for short trips, they are good as carry-on baggage to be carried by train or plane, but also as an accessory for going out during the day.

For lovers of vintage and the world of leather goods, this winter comes back into fashion another type of bag very chic and comfortable: the handbag. Large and with large pockets on the front. A classic taste with a contemporary “twist” that is very reminiscent of the past and the Hollywood divas!


Travel bags: this winter, on holiday with elegance

Gucci, Twisted Collection


Elegance and practicality: the union for a trendy trip


Travel with elegance it can be difficult if you seek a balance between stylistic refinement and practicality of the accessory chosen to perform a mainly practical function. Often the two things do not go hand in hand, indeed: more often than not, a beautiful bag does not reflect the canons of functionality and comfort required for such circumstances.

Like any self-respecting traveler, it is essential to pay close attention to the choice of travel bags (for men or women): these must represent an ally, the perfect travel companion. They must be resistant, comfortable it’s enough capacious and comfortable to access everything they contain: from clothing to a book to read. But above all, travel bags must guarantee security in relation to all that is stored within them. Are you ready to leave for your trip out of town now?

Remember, therefore, to apply these five important rules for the choice of your baggage, depending on the destination:

  1. Between soft travel bags and hard bags, it is better to choose the first ones for a short trip, as the rigid variants are more suited to long-term journeys and could be a hindrance in the case of small trips;
  2. Choose a bag of one robust or tech-resistant rain material: you are moving during the winter period, so you will have more than one chance to stumble into a storm (we hope not, but it is always good to start preparations!);
  3. For a weekend of pleasure or for professional reasons, you need to be organized to the maximum and make sure that your bag or duffel bag in selected leather presents a good number of pockets, in order to organize the content in an orderly and rational manner;
  4. Opt for a bag that comes with a strap, to allow you to bring the shoulder bag. A shoulder strap will give you more freedom in your movements, as well as the convenience of having everything at your fingertips when you need it;

CAREFUL!and quality! A very important aspect that makes the difference between a “forever” bag and a “for now” bag. In principle, choosing handcrafted leather travel bags is ideal for avoiding bad surprises, to avoid discovering that your new entry it will last no more than a few months. There is also to say that generally travel bags require more spending than those from every day, so anyone would be annoyed at least realize that they have bought an accessory inconvenient and short life.


Travel bags: this winter, on holiday with elegance


Traveling colors: gray and black. Chromatic dominant of the winter 18 / 19


Anthracite, lava, smoke, stone. The gray in its infinite combinations will be one of the most used colors for this winter season. A non-color that becomes, in the various accessories and travel bags, color element adaptable to everything, always and in any case.

Il Grey it is elegant, basic, transversal. Choose the softness of the leather and the body of the felt also in the details of the handles and pockets. It defines rigorous geometries softening them with the use of the fabric.
Un minimalist color that refuses useless frills but on the contrary seeks the essence of proportions, clean lines and pure forms. Ultimately, an elegant color that adapts well to any winter outfit … a must try!

Black instead, for the choice of a travel bag in leather, for the rigid bags and for the squared ones.

The feminine travel accessory knows no doubts or changes. Redraw lines and patterns starting from a black base. A black that does not mean absolute opacity or flattening of details … but tightening a significant alliance with metal, often lights up unexpected contrasts, with flashes of metallic lights very glamorous. Braided, rippled, hammered leathers give this color new effects and new reflections; they move the stillness, giving it a different look for one trip in first class!



Travel bags: this winter, on holiday with elegance

FENDI – Maxi Pink bag


The backpack, a signed travel friend: Reptile’s House


The seasons go by, but the backpack is still a trendy accessory in the field of handcrafted leather travel bags. A backpack solves many space problems if it is a trip out of town or a weekend.

Being a particularly cold time of the year, a single bag may not be enough. Adding a backpack can help you make room in your bag by moving a coat or a pair of heavy shoes inside.

If you are looking for a backpack that can give you the right balance between aesthetics and practicality, the solution is from Reptile’s House!
Among the many proposals, ideal for a journey of elegance and comfort is for example the Caribou backpack: Quality, Taste and Artisan Tradition. A perfect balance for a backpack urban chic between classic and contemporary.

Reptile’s House offers a vast assortment of models, all characterized by meticulous attention to detail: the indisputable quality of a brand that has long been on the crest of a wave.
The real strength of the new collection they remain however the craftsmanship of materials and the manual finishing of the details: special treatments of leathers and exclusive dyes obtained with techniques that give the colors warm and natural nuances.

Do you like leather backpacks too? Are you ready to tackle your next holiday with handmade leather travel bags perfect for winter?

Browse on our website and discover all models!


Leather backpack bags: a combination of elegance and functionality

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