The trendy looks of 2020

The new trends in 2020 fashion

Spring is approaching and colors are the protagonists, cities are painted and parks are brought to life again, the urban jungle is surrounded by safari-style clothes.
from khaki-colored maxi jumpsuits with the iconic Indiana Jones-style jacket with infinite pockets. Functional and comfortable looks which are used as straw bags with boots or slave sandals. In addition to desert styles, low-rise pants and the classic and elegant trouser suit are back in fashion , used for a work outfit but also for a wedding outfit, perfect mix & match for your special occasions.


The must of the colors of 2020

Fluo is the new black, reconfirms the must of 2020.
In addition to the white color which is now essential in a woman’s wardrobe in the spring / summer period, the colors like: acid green, orange and bright pink are the new protagonists of the 2020 season, surrounded by accessories that are also bright. From fluorescent colors and white, tropical is confirmed in the 2020 color classification, lines of colors that recall the wild nature, to show off with shirt and light pants.



Reptile’s House: a Made in Italy certainty

Reptile’s House as always it is a confirmation in his looks, a trendy brand that follows the small details of fashion. The new collection sport the aforementioned colors, accessories full of surprises and ready to color your days.
The belt Celia recalls the color of the month of February has in fact cost that orange is the color that expresses happiness and serenity and that dispels stress in times of need, in fact, February is a month in the middle of the two opposite seasons, cold and hot; Reptile’s House has therefore been able to identify the color for each season and to create bags that recall neutral colors like The Mirage, available in the coolest colors of the collection.



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