The return of the 70s - Top trend Summer 2018

The return of the 70s – Top trend Summer 2018

The anniversary of a legendary bag: the sexy one. The return to a unique style

The Seventies had just faced history, that the custom is already renewed: while the young people rebelled against the “system”. The feminine dresses lengthened into the maxi and the patterns were composed in patchwork motifs, the trousers widened on the bell-bottom hem and the soles of the shoes rose in the wedge shape.

In the same period, the advent of “sexy” – in 1972 – marked a real revolution in the field of bags: made of very soft leather with a “bird’s eye” design, it soon supplanted the rigid models in vogue up to that moment. The invention of this model, destined to be one of the biggest successors in the sector, is due to Redwall, the leather signature of made in Italy leather goods.

An exemplary fusion of craftsmanship and high technology, the “sexy bag” – this is the name of the prototype that will then launch a line marked by the Borbonese brand – thus passed to connote a refined and sporty style, and soon became a ” must “of international elegance. And 40 years later it has absolutely not lost its appeal .  

A must from the 70s turns into a 2018 cult

But just now that fashion is restyling some elements typical of the Seventies look - from the suede vest to the patchwork, from the flared trousers to the wedges, even the sexy is back in the limelight with surprising verve.
Borbonese today for summer 2018, proposes its must in several versions, to celebrate a symbol that never goes out of fashion.


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