The new hit-bags of 2020

The vanguard of the 2020 stock exchanges

The years pass and fashion follows the course of events and is revolutionized, as if it were a sea wave, the creation of it depends on events that may be: the wind, the currents, the earthquakes or a detachment of the glaciers, just like the waves fashion is created by a succession of events.
The story passes and the fashion goes on and here we are … the period in which the 2019 collection starts greeting us and appear the new hit bags inside the shop windows; the days warm from the sun and the colors of the clothes and bags make it the outline.
In this article we will briefly summarize what the bags of the moment will be and what they are the colors that will accompany our spring / summer 2020.

Spring / summer 2020 fashion re-launches the theme of comfort and functionality

See you at mini bag, emerge maxi clutches and bags, large and spacious bags essential to carry anything you want, bags that recall the shopping bag, useful for a weekend away or a day dedicated to sport.
The fabrics that are back in fashion and that now prove to be a must are jacquard and crochet bags, all enriched by bright and avant-garde colors such as the now renowned fluorescent. hit-bag-2020

The belt bag: new must of the season?

However though in addition to the maxi bag the famous returns pouch which becomes a fundamental icon in a woman’s accessory, useful and comfortable are the two adjectives that serve to describe it better, now worn by celebrities from all over the world, the belt bag it is indispensable for any outfit and practicality welcomes with open arms the essence of a woman.  hit-bag-2020

Reptile’s House: bags traditionally handcrafted and married by Made in Italy

La Reptile’s House as year follows the trend and be distinguished from the crowd with its accurate details and bright, but refined colors.
Stylists and craftsmen have worked hard to complete one indispensable collection in a woman’s everyday lifebags capable of containing everything you need, Nemesis for example it is a bag Shopto, in addition to being functional and comfortable for its size, it contains two small internal pockets to insert the objects that we do not want spread around, tactics so it was the choice Reptile’s House to create a bag capable of containing a small comfortable inside.
Reptile’s House also entered the personalization of your bag, an original idea that continues this year.

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