I Migliori Brand di Borse : Una Moda Multiforme - Top Trend 2018

The Best Brands of Bags: A Multiform Fashion – Top Trend 2018

Belle, they are all beautiful.
Precious and elegant or aggressive and winking.
A myriad of lines and shapes that are shaped by every style required by fashion, with the aim of conquering the heart of the female public.

Le “Dive” that is, the most requested bags for the next season, have already been consecrated by covers of magazines that create images and make fashion. But every year, every season, new models and cool designers fight a pole position to ascend the Olympus of the most popular accessory.

The names are hundreds and their creations will marry compact to win the eyes and the heart of the fair sex, which has the power to make them the new queen of the coming months.

Yes, because in the end it is they who decide on the success of one or another stock exchange. They choose the aesthetic prototype for next winter. In reality there are no trends in beauty. It can be a normal one shopping by day, a top box or one clutch for the evening. It takes a revelation to make one of the many chosen to be the IT BAG of a season and a place in the “gotha” of this accessory.

Let’s find out all together then best bags for the 2018 autumn winter season


Below is a brief summary that helps you in reading

PROTAGONIST BAGS: creativity, elegance and design

GUCCI: Arl handbag

WORKSHOP: bag Olimpia braided in checker

MICHAEL KORS: Mott shoulder bag

CHANEL: Gabrielle de Chanel

LOUIS VUITTON: bag shopping Neverfull MM

REPTILE’S HOUSE: leather bags made in Italy


PROTAGONIST BAGS: creativity, elegance and design

Creativity. Elegance. Design. Three ingredients for perfection.

Fashion is changing and is transforming itself in the way it proposes itself, but above all it is changing to meet the needs of a new, prepared and dynamic audience. In the accessory world we are increasingly witnessing a renewal of the same that transcends its function to become a work of art. Bags increasingly sought after in the cutting-edge details, bags that draw from the past precious games of lines and shapes for collections increasingly open to contamination and the world of high fashion.

For this winter we have chosen Five luxury maison, five signed bags. Perfect and immediately recognizable bags, represent the top de-ranges for leading brands: dream bags. Leather bags that indicate with their own unmistakable style, the trends of fashion bags. This autumn / winter, the stock exchanges show increasingly pure, almost austere lines. Abandoned frills and excessive decorations the bag has refined in the search for proportions, with an exaltation of the essential shape of the bag in the female version.



Beautiful, charming, easy to use and practical. The perfect bag to feel like a real diva!

Passion, elegance, perfect technique, meticulous study of detail. There’s all this in the new Gucci ARL handbag. A bag that comes from the archives of the famous fashion house, styles and lines in balance between past and future, classic inspiration on the traces of one of its most famous models, the marmont. Vintage references clearly visible in the macro metal logo that decorates the front of the bag, the double g that is nothing more than an evolution of a buckle for belts of the 70 years.

The accessory received its baptism in the Cruise 2019 collection, revealed in the evocative setting offered by the Promenade des Alyscamps, an ancient Roman necropolis in the city of Arles, in France.

The real strengths of the signed Arl handbag are the details Gucci. The historic house has bet on this bag especially on the precious and refined details that adorn the precious leather. Applique in golden metal, eyelets and studs in different colors, in the python versions and the logo ostentatiously displayed. Sign of style and quality. Thanks to the adjustable shoulder straps with snap buttons, the model can also be worn on the shoulder.

Among finest designer handbags there will also be space for this masterpiece.


BOTTEGA VENETA – bag olimpia braided in checker

Artisan tradition and impeccable quality: the perfect ingredients to make this bag one of the best elegant hand-made bags.

Fruit of over 50 years of artisan tradition, the bags of Bottega Veneta they are the perfect result of precise manufacturing techniques and careful manual processing. Made of soft leathers with “hand made” weaves which consists of braiding small strips of leather with one another, to form a real uniform fabric and contemporary design lead the Italian fashion house to be one of the most appreciated in the fashion world.

Among the new features of the 2018 Autumn / Winter collection is the iconic bag Olimpia presented in checkered woven leather, inspired by the cubic motif of the season. The contrasting weave turns into sophisticated geometries with three-dimensional graphic effects. Rediscovered simplicity, purity of lines, novelty in essential colors and refinement in lines are the leitmotif that brings this bag to be one of the most sought after in the fashion accessories scene. A bag in which novelty and creativity are expertly accompanied by the taste of an elegance without frills, simple yet refined.



With the arrival of winter, the designer’s collection is also renewed American Michael Kors.

A signature, his, which interprets the most current fashion trends in a unique and personal way, without neglecting the qualitative aspect and the practical use of their creations.

They are hyper colored super accessoriate ultra chic. The bags of the new collection of Michael Kors of the coming winter season are inspired by the American street style 90 ‘years and certainly do not go unnoticed. Perfect for the day and for the evening, the Mott shoulder strap is reinterpreted with an essential silhouette, with a spacious interior to conveniently store the phone, wallet and more. The word “COOL” or “KORS” adds a graphic charm, while the shoulder strap acatena intertwined evokes the street-style fashion of the 90 years


CHANEL – GABRIELLE de CHANEL small hobo tweed bag

He has covered everything in Milan, Paris and New York. Jackets and suits, dresses and coats, earrings and hats. The Scottish fabric taken up or reinvented had never shown such versatility.

Also Chanel revisits this tweed fabric so dear to the maison in a refined jewel of craftsmanship that plays on the contrasts between materials, tweed and leather, between lightness in form and rigidity in the structure and in the alternation of gold and silver colors on the chains.

It is true that time is inexorable, it marks men and objects; sometimes, however, it is the forms that mark the time of an era or a style. The collection of Chanel autumn winter bags 2018 2019 rediscovers the timeless charm of the hobo bag, revisited by the house in all sizes.

The tweed hobo bag is part of the collection Gabrielle Chanel imagined by the creative director Karl Lagerfeld embodies the spirit of the founder of the fashion house. There structure is played on contrast between the rigidity of the structured base and the softness of the body of the models. The iconic double C logo It is used as a closing pendant.


LOUIS VUITTON – bag Shopping never full MM

What about this bag ..

Between the bags shopsigned pings, definitely an icon of the past and the present!

A multi-purpose bag that can be transformed according to need, versatile that adapts to the needs of work, travel and leisure. The revisitation of a fantastic model. The particularly accurate workmanship, the handles, the shoulder strap and the leather profiles, in short, the hand crafted, makes it at the same time elegant and sporty.

Characterized by an extremely original design and a renewal in some of its parts the iconic shopping of the new collection of the Parisian fashion house filters the colors that made them famous, declining them in different materials, current and versatile. A unique model therefore, the result of a creativity that is attentive even to the smallest detail.


Reptile’s House: leather handbags made in Italy

Among the online stores of designer bags, Reptile’s House is a reality that stands out for its splendid textures and precious materials.

Le collections Reptile’s House they are differentiated by warm and nuanced hues, which evoke natural environments, with a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The fringes and elaborate weaves add a contemporary touch that makes it extremely versatile, perfect for the urban environment. The focus of its collections is a skilful game of different textures that combined with each other harmonize and at the same time enhance each other.

At each glance, the smooth and soft surface is now revealed, now the relief given by scaled carved leather and important seams, a real stimulus for the senses.

Iconic models that never go out of fashion: timeless shapes and colors, perfect for interpreting the taste of 2018 / 2019 winter bags.

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