For flawless product care it  is important to note that leather is a material that naturally transforms over time and the small variations in color, as well as the veins, not only represent the experience of a bag, but also give it those distinctive characteristics that make it unique and personal.

In order to preserve it at its best and for longer, it is advisable to follow some simple precautions.

  • For a correct cleaning of your bag it is sufficient to  gently rub  the surface with a soft slightly damp cloth, avoiding applying water directly to the skin. The use of solvents or detergents is not recommended.
  • Over time, the original color of the leather may undergo slight variations ; to preserve it as long as possible, it is advisable to avoid direct and prolonged exposure to sources of heat and sunlight, responsible for chromatic alterations such as fading.
    It is also recommended to avoid direct contact with water ; if this occurs, quickly dry the affected surface by dabbing gently with a dry cotton cloth, without rubbing.
  • During a prolonged period of non-use of the bag, place it inside the special fabric bag,  avoiding plastic containers , and store it in a cool, not humid place.
    When reusing the product, simply wipe with a dry cotton cloth to restore a bright and revived appearance.

Reptile’s House leather bags   are designed to offer women an accessory of extraordinary beauty and practicality at the same time. To be worn over the shoulder, on the shoulder or simply by hand,  Reptile’s House shoppers  are the ideal solution for the most diverse occasions and allow every woman to make the most of all their incomparable qualities.
Our  leather bags  are accessories of charm and value, meticulously cared for in every detail and guaranteed by the quality that only Italian craftsmanship can give. The best raw materials,  skilfully worked by hand, are synonymous with an exclusive product, made to be put on display, but also to accompany us concretely during the course of the day.