Abbinamento borse e scarpe: 7 consigli per essere sempre alla moda

Matching bags and shoes: 7 tips to always be fashionable

The combination of bags and shoes is complicated, almost like finding a soul mate. Come on, you will tell me, let’s not exaggerate. No, let’s not exaggerate. But a soul mate chooses himself once, twice or three times in his life. Bags and shoes every day. It is certain that the right combination of bags and shoes must happen in a few minutes. Or at least, it would be desirable for it to happen in a few minutes. Yes, we all know that when we have a minimum of advance, when we can cut out an apparently free window between the shower and the departure from the door of the house, we change three, four, five times in front of the mirror. And the few minutes in no time at all become hopelessly too many. But in short, the times to get dressed in the morning are tight. The working hours are pressing, and for the younger ones also that of the school. The same goes for the evenings. Not having clear ideas leads to an annoying waste of time. Anyone who loves to collect bags and shoes to be matched according to unfathomable and secret relationships of affinity, risks falling into the dilemma of Buridan’s ass every day. But if the latter, in the paradox of the fourteenth-century French philosopher Jean Buridan, was able to die in the indecision between two equidistant haystacks, we certainly cannot extinguish ourselves at home without choosing, let alone going out the door barefoot and empty hands. The combination of bags and shoes arouses reflections and second thoughts because it also involves the other items of clothing that make up the ensemble of daily clothing. There are different colors, shapes, textures and materials that combine to create harmony, or to make a jumble without rhyme or reason. Matching bags and shoes: 7 tips to always be fashionable

1. The combination of bags and shoes: it takes the right size

Not only is it necessary to wonder how to match bags and shoes . It is also necessary to ask oneself to what extent to worry about why shoes and bags are a pendant. There was the era of rigid, rigorous, precise pairing at any cost. But the fashion has changed. Today the requests are many, the contaminations are unpredictable, the complexity ever increasing. Thus the possibilities of connections and combinations of clothing have multiplied. Today it is not necessary for bags and shoes to reflect each other. The colors do not need to be perfectly the same, nor the texture, nor the convoluted lines, simple or crazy in search of originality. Today, even, someone suggests, with the air of warmly recommending, and almost a bit of dictating the law, that bags and shoes should never be the same. It is fascinating this conclusion that comes from a thorough understanding of fashion trends. And I try to imagine, taken by the suggestion, the thought that is at the basis of such an imperative, which obliges one to freedom, frees itself from bonds. Both prescriptions, that of absolute matching and that of matching without matching, are extreme positions. You can decide to marry one or the other, the former perhaps rather old-fashioned, the latter very “uptodate”, but undoubtedly the results that satisfy the most come from the right means. So let’s find the right size that’s right for us, and start probing the bottom of the wardrobe and the corners of the shoe cabinet.   Matching bags and shoes: 7 tips to always be fashionable

2. The combination of bags and shoes: almost never the same color

We have seen that the extremist of contemporary fashion prescribes the maximum freedom in combining bags and shoes of even completely different species. But without being extremist, it must be remembered that to talk about an effective combination of bags and shoes there must also be a red thread that links them harmoniously, one with the other. There must be a reference between the low height of the shoes and the half height of a handbag or shoulder bag. A visual echo must cross the female figure among moccasins, ballet flats, décolleté and handbags of all kinds. The echo, the reference, the reflection can materialize in a note of color that peeps out in a fantasy and is repeated in the other element as a solid color. If there is no identity in color, even similar shapes become elective affinities that create harmony in the whole of the figure. For example, polka dot shoes can be combined with a bag with the same pattern, but in a different color. The tone on tone is another valid stratagem to weave alluring textures in the combination of bags and shoes. A soft midnight blue handbag , like the Nirvana model from Reptile’s House , can easily be paired with a pair of light blue boots. After having partially disclosed the secrets of the different that are perfectly combined, let’s see when it is okay to stop at the boundaries of the almost prosaic, of a tendency that would seem outdated by now, that of rigorously matching. In these cases, neutral colors are for us. A concordance of black shoes with a black bag, or of brown and brown, or white and white, is appreciable when the clothes are of many different colors, perhaps with some audacity even in the cutting of the lines. If the garments that are worn are very whimsical, the rigor of the combination of bags and shoes acts as a counterweight and brings back the overall harmony of the whole. The bag and shoes of the same color become the extremes of an axis around which potentially all the strangest expressions of extravagance rotate.   Matching-bags-and-shoes-7-tips-to-always-be-fashionable

3. The combination of bags and shoes: what about the patterns?

How to behave when dealing with patterned fabrics? What to do if in the combination of bags and shoes it is necessary to combine materials decorated with different patterns? Don’t panic, rule number one. Then? Remember that wearing a bag other than shoes is now a customs cleared trend. But let us remember in the same way that the ensemble of clothing must produce a coherent narrative, in the harmony or dissonance that it wants to produce. Therefore, even if you decide to tackle the arduous task of putting together two fabrics with different patterns, you must be careful not to forget the indispensable guide of the basso continuo that relaxes the eyes. So when two different patterns are combined it is good that they are of the same color. In this way the shades act as a foothold for the stability of the whole image. At the same time, coordinated bags and shoes become the center of attention. To maintain the balance of the picture, the clothes must be solid colors, possibly not too bold colors. Matching bags and shoes: 7 tips to always be fashionable

4. How to combine a bag: do not mix the seasons

Similia similibus , the Latins said. That is, like with like. In the nineteenth century, the motto became the principle of homeopathy, but translated, with a little imagination, it also applies to bags and shoes, in a certain respect. The colors of matching bags and shoes can be different. The fantasy can be different. The shapes can clash with shrill hisses that blend into the whole. But the “weight” of matching bags and shoes must be absolutely the same. It is forbidden to wear a winter bag with a pair of sandals. It is forbidden to wear boots with fur if placed on the forearm we have a small straw bucket. The heavy fabrics of autumn and the reverse find a perfect match in equally consistent footwear designed for the cold season. The same principle applies to accessories and shoes designed to enjoy the warmer months. Sandals go perfectly with light handbags in light colors. Flip-flops go with fabric shoppers or with the famous straw bucket already mentioned. Matching bags and shoes: 7 tips to always be fashionable

5. Match bags and shoes: the locomotive and the tow

In the combination of bags and shoes, to find the right balance we must first decide on which of the two elements we want the attention to be focused. Matching each of our handbags with the most suitable pair of shoes also means creating a close-up in the overall image. What do we want to stand out the most? Do we want our soft leather shoulder bag to amaze all our friends? Or do we prefer to focus on a pair of décolleté with a heel that slims the figure and gives a touch of elegance to everything together? Depending on the answer that echoes in our minds on different occasions, the road that will open up before us will be different. Is the bag the queen of our style? Good. Then let’s reserve the right amount of audacity, but we are subdued when it comes to shoes. On the contrary, if we only have eyes for heels and uppers, we dare more to wear winged feet and adopt sober lines for the shopper or clutch that we carry with us all day, or just for an evening with friends. The relationship between the bag and the shoes is the same as that between the locomotive and the tow. But from time to time we decide who is the driver and who is behind the trailer, as a wagon or carriage. Matching-bags-and-shoes-7-tips-to-always-be-fashionable

6. The combination of bags and shoes matches the occasion

Matching bags and shoes also means evaluating the occasion for which you dress. Identifying the circumstance for which we are trying to coordinate the different items of clothing in a harmonious whole helps to define a starting point, an object that defines the style, the dominant note of the combinations. The choice of bag or shoes can be different depending on whether you are going to a gallant dinner or a date with friends. In the first case the priority is elegance, in the second comfort. We can thus decide to choose the bag or the shoes as an object that then guides the choice of all the other items of clothing. Matching bags and shoes: 7 tips to always be fashionable

7. How to combine bags and clothes, not to mention shoes

But if the combination of bags and shoes raises many questions in itself, then how to combine bags and clothes ? Needless to say, there are those who have a natural instinct for these things, and skillfully collects from the wardrobe everything necessary to create magnificent suits. However, not all of them are so confident and confident in their choices. Undoubtedly, as a general rule we must always keep that of measure, which is accompanied by the principle of the red thread that holds each element together to create a potpourri with pleasant fragrances. Thus the emphasis on patterns, on the one hand, must be balanced with the solid color of neutral colors, on the other. The bright shades of the dress find the right counterweight in the sober shades of the bag and shoes. The tone on tone between the colors is always good and is an excellent interpretative key for a harmonious whole. Matching-bags-and-shoes-7-tips-to-always-be-fashionable

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