The new exclusive collection by Reptile’s House

The man, no less than the woman, pays great attention to the look and is always looking for accessories that enhance the clothing.

We at Reptile’s House have thought about the needs of the contemporary man when we decided to create our collection of men’s leather accessories.

Our whole line is characterized by a great attention to the selected raw materials, only of the highest quality, and to the extreme attention to detail of the single piece of craftsmanship.

To be complete, every outfit needs accessories, small or large depending on the occasion.

Through a shoulder strap, a buckle, a belt and even a buckle, one’s personality is expressed and a complete and hard to forget image is transmitted.

What are the men’s fashion accessories you can play with?

The undisputed protagonists are definitely the bags , excellent companions in everyday life with their small size and perfect for any adventure thanks to the more capacious models such as the Boston 100% leather backpack .

The belts are another must in men’s fashion, an essential detail to any outfit.

On our site you can choose between various models of leather belts of 3.4 and 6 centimeters.

We have created several lines, designed for every occasion, from the simplest such as the timeless Adrian to the most sought after such as the Sunset ruby ​​belt in crocodile back.

To enrich the belts, there are our metal buckles , all made with extreme attention to the finishing touches.

Finally, the practical leather wallets with a unique style, valid allies for everyday security.

Reptile’s House accessories, worked by expert craftsmen with the finest leathers, are custodians of a lasting class and will make every outfit special.

In fact, for over thirty years we have been carefully selecting the raw material which, after meticulous quality checks, passes into the hands of our designers. These design models of great elegance suitable for both the most refined tastes and the most casual attires, always following the style of the best haute couture.

Finally, the design is left to our skilled artisans, who work the leathers by hand and assemble the pieces to create unique and high quality men’s accessories  .

You will find in the collections the great love for our work.

All of this is Reptile’s House.