Imperia: A bon ton look with a gritty note

Elegant and dynamic at the same time, Imperia is perhaps the Reptile’s House bag   that best represents me. The leather intertwines creating a zigzag texture that makes the surface lively, and the fringes on the sides give it a lively and rock touch at the same time.
Imperia is an accessory with a unique style, capable of adapting to any kind of dress: it is perfect with a gritty and rock outfit such as a leather jacket and skinny trousers, and it goes perfectly with a more bon ton and delicate look just like what I’m wearing today.
Not only beautiful, but also of excellent quality, handcrafted in Italy like all the other wonderful Reptile’s House bags: Imperia conquered me, and which Reptile’s House bag did you fall in love with?
[original article from the blog: What do I wear ??? ]
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