How to choose the right ceremony bag for every occasion

Important occasions deserve a well-groomed outfit, be it a wedding, a baptism or a graduation. In a perfect ceremony look,  the bag is the real queen : an accessory with which to stand out and embellish your style. Sometimes,  choosing the right bag for an important event is not easy . Is it better big and roomy or small and discreet? A large bag is not recommended for weddings and baptisms, as it is sportier and often bulky, while the smaller ones (such as a  clutch ,  clutch bag  or  minaudiere ) are real  jewel bags , to be coordinated with shoes and dress for a complete elegant and refined look .

Reptile’s House  offers a selection of  bags of different sizes  for every occasion, all made  of fine leather  and with a  Made in Italy design . Here are the most suitable models for weddings and some ideas on  how to choose the right ceremony bag for every occasion.


  • Colorful clutch: the perfect model for a graduation ceremony
  • Evening celebrations: combine the dress with a black ceremony bag
  • How to always have matching ceremonial shoes and clutches

Colorful clutch: the perfect model for a graduation ceremony

The clutch  bag  is the  most popular model as a ceremony bag  because thanks to its small size it allows you to  have the essentials  for the whole day at hand. In addition, for a day ceremony, such as a graduation celebration, with the  Reptile’s House clutch bags  you can indulge yourself by choosing particular colors and models to combine with an elegant dress.

An example is the  Claire Clutch Orange model : the vibrant and warm tones and the golden closure make it a  perfect small bag to participate in a summer ceremony . Claire has a comfortable  leather shoulder strap with chain , to always carry it with you and have your hands free to continue immortalizing all the moments of the day with your smartphone. This model is  also available in white , perfect to combine with a blue dress for a look with contrasting accessories.



Evening occasions: combine the dress with a black ceremony bag

Celebrations in the evening and at sunset are one of the hottest trends among  weddings : the romantic atmosphere when the sun goes down is made special by the lighting arrangements that make the details of the accessories shine. For an evening occasion you need a  complete outfit  that combines dress and accessories, enhancing the shades of colors. So why not accompany the dress with a black ceremony bag?  Black is one of the most elegant colors because it can be perfectly combined with any other shade.

Among the  Reptile’s House clutch bags , there are models of different sizes to choose from. An example? The mini black Aloha Clutch : made  of calfskin , this square-shaped clutch   is equipped with  two comfortable shoulder straps ,  one in leather  with golden buckle,  the other with chain , practical to always have a different style to show off . Aloha is  also available in a honey-colored version.




How to always have matching ceremonial shoes and clutches

It is not enough to choose the ceremony bag coordinated with the  dress: the pochette or clutch  must also be combined with shoes . The patterns and colors alternate in all seasons, they should not be mixed and you have to  be careful for which occasion you are choosing the models . A ceremony and a dinner out with friends will require a different look and therefore a different bag. How to choose them? Following  the 7 tips that Reptile’s House has collected for a combination of bags and shoes that are always fashionable .

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