How to choose the right bag: some tips

A bag is not only an accessory , but an integral part of an outfit: a bag is worn, just like a dress and must “fit perfectly” to help enhance the personality of the wearer. There are different models of bags, for example shoulder bags, clutches, clutches or shoppers, specific for every occasion, from an elegant dinner, to an appointment at the office, up to an informal meeting. We can say that  “the ideal bag corresponds to every moment of the day”, combined with clothes, shoes, jewelry, make-up and hairstyle. Usually, one of the criteria that is not taken into consideration enough during the evaluation phase for the purchase of a bag, is its proportions in relation to the body. And, instead, choosing the right bag for your figure is a foresight that makes the difference, because it enhances the body and posture. Here are 3 tips on how to choose the most suitable bag in terms of shapes, sizes and colors .


  • Bags: advice on how to choose them
  • How to choose the right bag based on the physique
  • Big or small bag? Find your size
  • How to choose the color of the bag?

Bags: advice on how to choose them

To buy the ideal bag, you need to know yourself . The three fundamental parameters to keep in mind, in fact, concern aspects of one’s body: height, shapes, skin, eye and hair colors,  because a bag can enhance the characteristics that make every woman unique .

How to choose the right bag based on the physique

A bag that makes you feel comfortable is the right bag , because it means that it suits the shape of the body and gives security to the wearer. For example, the mini bags, like the  clutch models , are suitable for those with a considerable height , because they slim the body, without hiding it. On the shoulder or across the body, small bags are a stylish solution for those with an elongated silhouette. The maxi, on the other hand, like the  large shoppers , are ideal for those who want to slim down their figure, or hide a critical point , little loved: bags are the best allies in terms of  self-confidence.. In addition, the shopping bags are very comfortable because they have a spacious interior and can be equipped with a shoulder strap if necessary. The general rule is to move towards models that support or go in contrast to the shapes of our body, based on the effect we want to obtain.

Big or small bag? Find your size

The answer is much simpler than you think: in this case,  the most important criterion to rely on is functionality . If, for example, you have a busy and long day ahead, you will certainly need a large bag, able to contain personal effects and work materials, such as a notebook and a computer. In these cases,  an option that combines aesthetics and practicality is the  backpack bag . Its unique and versatile design allows you to use it both as a backpack, and to transform it into a shoulder or shoulder bag. If, on the other hand, the program is to spend an evening out, it is sufficient to bring the bare essentials, such as wallet, house keys and the necessary to freshen up the make-up, the best choice is  the hand bags : they accompany the outfit in a discreet way, giving a touch of preciousness .

How to choose the color of the bag?

The spring-summer and autumn-winter collections alternate every year proposing different colors: finding your way around the many proposals for bags is not easy, but an element that helps in the selection of the shade is the combination with the shades of the eyes, of the hair and skin.

Those with golden skin, dark eyes and hair look good with colors that contrast with the depth of dark shades , such as:

  • Orange;
  • pink;
  • Red;
  • White;
  • metal (black, bronze and gold).

For example, the  Aloha model  in orange calfskin is a clutch bag with raised flap closure, small but that certainly does not go unnoticed. Adriel , on the other hand, is a white handbag , with cotton lining, smooth back and braided front, enriched with long fringes on the sides, which give dynamism. For those with light complexion, eyes and hair, the advice is to focus on strong and refined shades , such as:

  • blue;
  • Viola;
  • silver;
  • green;
  • beige and, in general, soft shades.

Calipso  is a purple mini bag, in mixed python and calfskin, with a seductive name and appearance : on the closure it has an elaborate and sinuous pattern, it looks like a jewel, perfect for an elegant occasion. If, on the other hand, you are looking for an  everyday shopper, which however knows how to stand out for its originality, the most suitable model is  Lagoon ,  with its shiny flake surface and practical zip closure.

In addition to the size, color and shape, there is another aspect that should not be underestimated: the quality of the workmanship.  In Reptile’s House all bags are handcrafted in Italy , according to a centuries-old tradition of leather processing. There are at least  6 excellent reasons to choose a Reptile’s bag , to be enjoyed for a long time, because it is made  with genuine leather .

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