How to choose and match men’s belts

The belt is a clothing accessory that has a practical function: to support the trousers, but it also has an aesthetic value and a  precise code of use . That’s why choosing and matching belts isn’t as simple as it may seem. In fact, there is a  man’s belt etiquette , a set of rules for wearing it at its best, based on the occasion and the suit chosen.

The  characteristics  that distinguish a men’s belt are:

  • the buttoning , that is the direction of fastening, the buckle is positioned  on the left , while the holes of the loops are on the right;
  • the thin thickness , a men’s model belt is generally between 2 cm and 4 cm;
  • the metal buckle , which can have various shapes and processes, depending on the type of belt. Simple and geometric if elegant, whimsical and decorated if casual.

But how do you combine a belt with a solid color suit or a broken one, so that it enhances the whole figure?


  • How to match men’s belts to the suit?
  • The belt etiquette for men: the rules of good taste to follow
  • Handmade men’s leather belts

How to match men’s belts to the suit?

There are different types of men’s belts and it is not always easy to choose the most suitable one: here are  3 criteria  to take into consideration in order not to make mistakes.

  • Colors and materials

They must match the shoes : if you have a pair of elegant leather shoes on your feet, the belt must be of the same material and color.

  • Type of outfit

If the occasion is  casual  and sporty,   woven canvas belts are ideal; if the look is  casual,  go ahead for  sophisticated buckles , even large ones; if the dress is  formal , instead, a  sober belt with a geometric  and essential buckle is better .

  • In combination with the twins

As an alternative to coordinated shoes, another detail that can be matched to the belt are the cufflinks: for example, it is possible to opt for  buckles in gold, silver or anthracite color , which recall the glitter  of the cuffs. On Reptile’s House there are several models, with special processes,  to stand out with that touch that no one expects .

How to best wear a belt? It seems a trivial question, but the answer is not at all and for this reason it is better to rely on etiquette.



The belt etiquette for men: the rules of good taste to follow

Three simple rules  to follow to be sure of having the perfect outfit:

  • Shirt inside, belt outside

If the pair of trousers you have chosen to wear have loops around the waist, they should not be left “alone”. These should preferably be accompanied by a belt, even more so if the occasion requires tucking the shirt or t-shirt inside the trousers.

  • Where the belt begins, the tie ends

The ideal length for a tie is the one that stops before the belt, to emphasize the buckle, without covering it. The accessories must never conflict with each other and, for this reason, it is also advisable to wear trousers, or the belt, or suspenders, never together.

  • 3 is the number of the right fit

The reference is to the number of holes in the belt: to make the pants fit perfectly and make sure that they do not fall, or that they are not too tight at the waist, fastening the belt to the third hole is the solution to make the outfit comfortable.

Thanks to the short etiquette of the belt, it is possible to wear this item of clothing with the right safety, but pay attention to its delicacy: it can easily wear out due to frequent use, especially around the holes. This is why it is essential to  choose quality materials , such as leather.

Handmade men’s leather belts

On Reptile’s House you can choose from unique models, hand-made using fine leathers , such as ray, crocodile and python. Among the various proposals there is also velor, a soft fur fabric, similar to velvet to the touch. To dress you at your best, in Reptile’s House all products are  Made In Italy .

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