Handmade leather bags, uniqueness and originality Made in Italy

Handcrafted leather bag: a challenge at the time

In an era in which the alternation of fashions seems to overwhelm us at a dizzying speed, a handcrafted leather bag is an object of even more precious value. The handmade leather processing has roots in the past , in particular in the Italian, in which for centuries has been handed an artisan wisdom.

Design and attention to detail have always represented the combination of success of Italian companies that provide stores with an unmistakable product.

From big names to smaller companies, the Made in Italy handcrafted leather bag is not just a logo or a product, it is a production philosophy.

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Handmade handcrafted bags
5 reasons to buy a
Reptile’s House handcrafted bag : we still invest in craftsmanship today

Handmade artisan bags

Handicraft: Shoulder Bags , Hand , shoulder bag , backpack bags , clutches and shoppers : there is only one way to choose a bag, fall in love. It has to happen to you so completely that no other bag, in shape, size or appearance, can give you the same emotions.

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5 reasons to buy a handcrafted bag

Buying handcrafted bags means choosing to wear a product that focuses on the craftsmanship of the craftsman: from the design of a prototype, to the choice of leather, up to the creation of meticulous finishes. A handcrafted leather bag means character, uniqueness and at the same time reflects the love for things well done. Reptile’s House gives you 5 reasons to buy < handcrafted leather bags

  • Exclusivity

In a world increasingly approved and dominated by the big fast-fashion brands, it is increasingly difficult to find a quality accessory. An artisanal product is always a unique piece, which connects those who buy it with those who created it.

  • Personalization

Choosing a handcrafted bag allows you to come into direct contact with those who designed and created it. You will then be able to get customized modifications to be able to show off an accessory as unique as you are.

  • Passion and tradition

Buying an artisan bag means buying the idea of ​​the craftsman , his creativity and his passion, combined with the centuries-old mastery with which he works. You will not only buy a handcrafted bag, but a lot more.

  • Eco sustainability and human rights

A Made in Italy artisan bag guarantees in particular protection in favor of workers and the environment. The product is made without exploiting adult or child labor in a climate of compliance with environmental standards.

  • Protection of Made In Italy

By purchasing a handcrafted leather bag you contribute to protecting Italian leather goods, centuries-old representatives of the artisan profession.

Handmade leather bags, uniqueness and originality Made in Italy

Reptile’s House bags: we still invest in craftsmanship today

Reptile’s House is an Italian reality that shares and has made the values ​​of craftsmanship its own: uniqueness, elegance and tradition.

Furthermore, we pay particular attention to the functional aspect, which today is essential for everyday life. Each model is equipped with useful internal pockets and a shoulder strap, to choose how to wear it at any time.

You can choose from a wide range of colors and patterns, different styles and sizes, to find your own accessory , in line with your taste and needs.
Giving a bag: the meaning for the women who are close to us

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