Gemma: a gritty and dynamic bag by Reptile’s House

Gemma, a bold and dynamic black shopping bag with woven leather and fringes.

The more I enter the world of Reptile’s House and know this Milanese company, the more I am struck by the creations of this Italian brand, which stand out for their unique style and for the excellent quality of the raw materials used, such as retile leathers, crocodile and ostrich.

Reptile’s House bags

they are accessories with a refined and unrepeatable style, perfect for a demanding public who loves to stand out. Artisan quality and attention to detail give life to unique accessories: products outside the logic of the market, dynamic and able to interpret the new trends in the field of leather goods and accessories.

This bag with a strong personality is perfect to be worn with this very particular cut-out dress: it has a cut on the front, right at the height of the belly and the two flaps of fabric are held together by many metal rings.
This simple-looking red minidress acquires a whole other verve thanks to important details such as the cut-out and the combination with the Gemma bag.

Refined, elegant and at the same time decisive, the Gemma shopping bag focuses on rich interwoven motifs, the light touch of fringes and the different color combinations. The result is a collection made up of key and timeless pieces capable of completing and enhancing both classic and formal looks as well as fresh and jaunty ones.

Fulcrum of the Gemma collection:

it is a skilful game of different textures which, when placed side by side, harmonize and at the same time enhance each other. At every glance the smooth and soft surface is now revealed, now the relief given by the scaled carved leather and the important seams, a real stimulus for the senses.

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