Elegant Leather Belts for Women

Add stylish leather belts to your outfit

Style is known, it is made of details. The long dress, the most elegant pants, the skirt that makes you go crazy and you can’t wait to wear it. All this is never really perfect if it is not enhanced by the right accessory, because it is precisely with what you can really define your style and your personality.

The most representative of the accessories are certainly the woman belts elegant and refined, the detail that knows how to outline your life and really manages to make the difference in the most sophisticated outfits.

Until recently, the leather belts for woman’s they were worn only on elegant trousers, but the evolution of fashion and style has allowed today to really combine them with everything. For example, you can wear them on a dress to dampen the monotony, on a coat in mid-seasons or on jeans with rips for a more casual look to show off every day.

Precisely for this reason they can be worn by all women who love theelegance and refined styleLeather belts for women they are perfect for the workers who want to present themselves with elegance to their customers and colleagues, for the students who do not want to give up style even under the pressure of exams, but also to go in holiday and continue to feel themselves.

Furthermore, the leather belts are a gift which will make every woman happy. They can be donated by friends to their birthday, by boyfriends on Valentine’s Day, by relatives for a gift to be found under the Christmas tree. When a woman will discard one handmade leather belt will surely be in seventh heaven and will never stop thanking you.

Discover with us all you need to know for choose with judgment the perfect leather belt to be combined with your lifestyle and your every outfit.  Cinture-Eleganti-da-Donna-in-Pelle



Leather belts, art and nature meet

La skin it is a material used since ancient times to repair the body, which then evolved from an aesthetic point of view, becoming today a quality symbol and great attention to what you wear.

All the more important high fashion brands devote a lot of space to leather and accessories, like the leather belts. It is here that the art ofhaute couture meets the authenticity of nature, for a detail that once worn knows how to make the difference both aesthetically and functionally.


Crafted belts, the style of women who don’t want to compromise

Le leather belts they carry with them a whole meaning of elegance of high fashion which outlines a certain kind of unmistakable style. But their most important meaning is related to‘craftsmanship. In fact, they require great wisdom for the choice of the most suitable skins and for the careful manual dexterity required during all stages of processing and carving.
La skin it’s a unique and inimitable material that has marked the history of high fashion thanks to the uniqueness that each piece represents. Depending on the type of leather used, each belt will have different shades and colors that make it exceptional.
Reptile’s House realizes leather belts, velor beltsbelts in race, but also ostrich belts, in reptile, in crocodile, in lizard and Python, with all the experience gained over the years thanks to the passion that distinguishes Giancarlo Nevola and all his collaborators.  Cinture-Eleganti-da-Donna-in-Pelle

Elegant silver belts, the accessory for those who are ready for any occasion

Every woman loves to wear an accessory that is able to make her stand out, that makes anyone meet her turn. The leather and silver belts they respond to this need. There fine leather envelops life with sinuosity, while la silver buckle is a small fine jewel which gives an extra touch to illuminate the most important occasions. Silver is a neutral but precious color, which really looks good with everything just like black and white. In fact, it can be worn with day looks but also with evening ones.  Cinture-Eleganti-da-Donna-in-Pelle

Elegant golden belts, always perfect for the most elegant looks

The real class has always been made of gold and black. If the occasion is too important to leave the details to the case, a black dress with golden belt will be the choice that will make you stand out among all the guests. A refined and precious style that never goes out of fashion and continues to break into social events with determination and passion. Be careful though. If it is true that everything that is gold attracts attention, exaggerating with golden accessories can generate the opposite effect and be too kitsch. The important thing is to find the right balance of the elements and show off the elegant golden belts with great pride.Cinture-Eleganti-da-Donna-in-Pelle

Reptile’s House. Handcrafted leather belts for an elegant and unique look

Reptile’s House was born in Milan in the 80 years thanks to Giancarlo Nevola’s passion for leathers and his way of seeing fashion accessories as a means of expressing creativity.
Le leather belts Reptile’s House they are made with the highest quality standards by our expert artisans who, along with traditional techniques, have now supported the most innovative technologies that allow perfect finishing in every detail.
Our leather belts are true works of art, suitable both for those who love classic lines and for those who want to try more daring shapes and colors.

Get inspired on our online store and find the leather belt to match your impeccable style.  Cinture-Eleganti-da-Donna-in-Pelle

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