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Metal effect. The most glamorous trend of SS 2018

Metal Effect: let’s put aside the classic floral motifs with roses, daisies and buds that open promptly on clothes and accessories every spring. Let’s forget even the nautical-style stripes, the pastel colors and the combinations of bold colors for a moment, and let’s get ready to welcome the trend that most of all will rage during the Spring Summer 2018: the metal effect.

After the success of last winter, in fact, it returns to conquer the summer catwalks until it lands in our wardrobes, to make us shine under the rays of the sun or the strobe lights. Shiny, pearly, this summer the metallic is declined in many chromatic shades and in the most diverse materials, both for clothing and accessories. From silk to velvet, through leather, to PVC fabrics, our looks are transformed into sources that radiate pure light. But if a shiny piece of clothing needs a special occasion to be worn, brilliant bags and accessories allow us to add that magical touch, also essential to any day outfit.

Must-have accessories: the bag

Whether it’s large or small, structured or soft and light bags , our faithful everyday companions are tinged with vibrant shades. The colors we certainly cannot give up are those that dominated the past winter, especially gold, silver and other precious metals, but that’s not all. For the summer the palettes are further expanded, projecting us in a rainbow of foil or enamel effect colors. Certainly there is no shortage of soft colors, such as powder or blue, with a liquid and ethereal appearance, but also bright green, yellow and bright reds, to finally arrive at much stronger and more decisive colors.

Black gold, bronze, laurel, honey, among others, are the colors chosen by Reptile’s House to reinterpret SS 2018 in a metal key. The new collection embraces the must of the season, combining it with its own stylistic code, for a luminous dominated collection gives pearlescent and shiny effects. The starting point of each bag is in fact a metal base, which thanks to subsequent craftsmanship turns into a light pearl effect, enhancing even more the brightness of the leather. Fringes, knots and weaves are no less, and the chains are the extra touch that winks at the latest trends. 

Not just bags

From handcrafted bags to shoes, the step is short, and even these accessories do not escape the trend of the metal effect. From the perfect slippers for the city or the beach, even the shoes are colored with brilliant silver, yellow, green, with no limit to the choice of materials and decorations.

For those who want to dare with clothing, keep in mind that the “heavy metal” nuances preferred by stylists and designers are precisely those of the most sought-after metals. Especially gold and silver are the favorite colors, but they don’t want to know that they are confined only to evening outfits. The catwalks in fact also clear them for daytime “pajamas”, skirts with sequins and playful jackets, decorated with fringes and stones, rigorously shiny. But all that glitters is not gold. Dresses, jackets and trousers are tinged with bold and unexpected colors: from red to green, from blue to orange, there is no color that is not revisited in a luminous and brilliant key.

Now strong and decisive, whether it is equipped with sequins, sequins or flooded with embroidery, the metallic effect conquers everyone with its burst of energy.

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