around lisbona cercando inspirazione in viaggio

Destination Lisbon. The inspirations for the S / S 2018 Reptile’s House collection

First of all, getting lost in the evocative streets of Lisbon or visiting some of the most characteristic places in Portugal was an opportunity, for Reptile’s House, to be inspired especially by the bright colors and the most eclectic architectural styles, typical of the region. Colorful buildings, white houses with traditional doors painted in red, yellow and blue and lush nature. The new summer 2018 collection of Reptile’s House bags is inspired by these atmospheres, which also brings a touch of Iberian traditions and styles to its Made in Italy Milanese DNA.

For the S / S 2018 collection, the journey in search of inspiration starts from Lisbon:

• Bairro Alto and Alfama
A few minutes by funicular or aboard a historic tram and you reach the districts of Bairro Alto and Alfama, some of the most evocative of the Portuguese capital. Furthermore, the typical buildings with walls painted in orange, pink, yellow and white alternate along the steep streets. Even from the windows and wooden doors you can still see the traditional worked shutters and colored railings. It is these intertwining and overlapping games that recall the DNA of Reptile’s House handcrafted bags. From the Elettra to Gemma model, the particular woodworking and colored metal lattices evoke the intertwining made with soft leather, distinctive features of Reptile’s House bags.

Leaving the capital, we leave for Sintra:

• Pena Castle

A short distance from Lisbon stands Sintra, a city surrounded by greenery and a few kilometers from the ocean. Perched on a hill is the Pena Castle, but we immediately forget the usual grave-looking and often dilapidated stone castles. At first glance, the Pena Palace looks rather like an attraction built with the famous colored bricks. Even from a distant glance, this singular construction immediately strikes for its yellow, red, but also blue and lilac walls, and for the mix of various architectural styles. Suggestions that Reptile’s House has reinterpreted in the collections of bags Olimpia, Gea and  Vasia , colorful, vibrant, perfect for summer.

• Natural Park of Sintra and Cascais
In the westernmost part of the European continent is the Serra de Sintra, an immense area covered with luxuriant vegetation. Last stop on Reptile’s House journey in search of sources of inspiration. This time it is the natural colors of the earth and the rough appearance of the rock formations that merge into the Pinces collection . Strong, determined able to translate natural elements into an urban and a little rock style.

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