Designer bags

Designer bags, a must-have accessory

All women know it: the accessory is what makes the difference and makes an outfit completely new and personal. And in particular, the designer bag it is the accessory that never fails, which accompanies women at any time of the day or evening.

Among the most loved objects from an early age, the Designer bags are never enough in a woman’s life. They are real objects of desire, admired and sought after, an unmistakable symbol of style and elegance.

Leather hand bags, shoulder, clutch or backpacks, in smooth or woven leather. The choice is so vast that it is impossible not to love the elegant handbags signed! Whether it’s a trip to the restaurant, a walk on the beach or a day full of events, you can always choose the perfect bag for every outfit.

Su Reptile’s House find the most beautiful designer bags online in real leather and handmade with great passion by our artisans. Want to find out why designer bags are a must-have accessory?  borse griffate


Change style whenever you want

The choice of designer bags Reptile’s House it’s really huge. There are the splendid ones leather hand bags, which have small dimensions and not too large handles. The hand bags are usually small and elegant handbags, to be worn between the fingers or supported on the forearm, perfect to show off in chic evenings in the restaurant, in nightclubs or in the theater.

Even smaller, ideal for carrying what is strictly necessary for the evening, are the bags clutch, a real accessory with amazing elegance.

If it’s time to take a nice trip to discover new experiences, or if you love practicality, you can choose le travel bags or backpacks in leather. These, in particular, are excellent if you need to carry many objects with you, indispensable for facing the day without surprises and with your hands free. Furthermore, the leather backpacks help to unload the weight correctly on the back without excessive fatigue.

in travel bags or Shopping bags in soft leather you can wear whatever you want. They are large, capacious and very resistant without ever giving up a refined design.  borsette griffate

The skin, the unmistakable scent of elegance

Skin it is one of the most elegant and sophisticated raw materials, but it is also very versatile and can adapt very well to everyday moments with great style. Reptile, crocodile, iguana: all skin types are able to meet the needs of every woman, for style, color and resistance.

For this the best designer bags are made of leather, to give you the guarantee of buying a design accessory that lasts over time.

The artisans of Reptile’s House they work the raw materials by hand with great care and attention to create an exclusive product, made for display at any time.  Borse griffate da donna

Designer bags: an investment that lasts over time

Buy designer bags means invest in elegance and design. A bag in signed leather in fact, is made with fine materials and by expert hands. The final product will always be unique and of the highest quality made to last over time without ever becoming fashionable.

The skin, in fact, has the unique characteristic of becoming always more beautiful and precious with the passage of time, without ever losing in quality, indeed gaining value with aging.

For this reason, buying elegant and designer leather bags is a great investment that will give you satisfaction every time you use them, even years later.  borse firmate

Reptile’s House, the home of designer bags

The adventure of Reptile’s House begins in the 1984, when the passion for quality of materials and aesthetics of Giancarlo Nevola finds its expression in the creation of designer bags and leather accessories with his personal vision of fashion.

Each bag signed Reptile’s House it is exclusive, made to guarantee every woman the pleasure of taking with her an Italian product of the highest quality.

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