I colori delle borse per l’inverno 2019: creatività ed eleganza

The colors of the 2019 winter bags: creativity and elegance

A woman’s bag is the site of unusual physical phenomena, such as the compression of matter, the expansion of localized universes, mysterious disappearances reminiscent of black holes. Mary Poppins has enhanced its potential, men have tried in vain to explain it. For such a fascinating object, appropriate colors are needed, which enhance its shapes or play down the whole weight of the objects it contains.

There are many fantastic images that make a woman’s bag a bit mythical, a symbol of the history of women’s fashion. Different aspects add up to restore their charm, for those who wear them, carrying them by hand or over the shoulder, and for those who observe them, amazed at all the functions performed by a few square centimeters of leather.

The colors for the winter 2019 bags highlight the accessory so loved by women and give it a rebellious attitude towards the greyness of winter. In fact, in addition to the classic shades of black, brown and gray, for the next season the bright colors , the fluorescent notes, the images that recall the suggestions of art, the leather printed with comic or graffiti designs return to the fore .

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Winter 2019 preview: colors and styles to match

Winter bags 2018 – 2019: by hand or shoulder, to each its own color

Handmade bag models: processes for an unrepeatable color

Reptile’s House: leather bags made in Italy

Winter 2019 preview: colors and styles to match

The colors of the bags for winter 2019: creativity and eleganceThe color of a bag matches its shape and completes it, while closing the ideally spherical and perfect harmony of a style like a seal. There are several volumes that interpret women’s handbags. They characterize them because they are representative of different personalities, and at the same time functional for the occasion they are dedicated to.

On the shelves of the boutiques there are minimal cosmetic bags , suitable for bringing with you only the essentials, to leave an evening dress, a precious set, a hairstyle designed for a special appointment, such as a premiere at the theater, a dinner in the foreground. gala, an elegant ball.

Alongside these small objects in leather or fabric, often enriched with rhinestones and beads, with sumptuous colors that together give only a fleeting glare, the larger models are on display in the windows. For winter 2019 the maxi bags will play a leading role and will tend to overdo it in their available volume proposal, all to be filled.

The preview of winter 2019 , therefore, suggests creativity and unusual combinations. The styles go hand in hand with the nuances and you can dare the brazen proximity of animalier fabrics , tartan and Prince of Wales , two classic patterns that curb the inspiration of the spotted and give life to a resolute and original whole.

Winter bags 2018 – 2019: by hand or shoulder, to each its own color

For those who every day catapult into the seriousness of an office, for those who love a classic, sober and elegant style, the bags for winter 2018 – 2019 offer a “new black”, a new color that crosses the tastes, the different garments. clothing, the wild card that solves every occasion. This is burgundy , also called burgundy or wine color. In fact, the name derives from the Burgundy wine, with its intense body, rich in iridescent shades of dark red: “Burgundy” is the English name of the beautiful region of central France, a territory renowned for its food and wine tradition.

The fashion of the bags for winter 2018 – 2019 ranges from hand models , with short handles, comfortable if placed on the forearm and held between the fingers, along the hips, to shoulder models , more practical for those with many objects to carry with it, accessories more or less useful for everyday life: from the large wallet to the book to read on the subway, from the tricks for mid-day retouching to gloves for the threatening temperatures of the cold season.

Handbags, usually smaller in size, have the ideal line for the brightest colors and the “head shots” of comic or graffiti patterns. The new fashion season gives a lot of space to fuchsia, lilac, dark pink, strawberry red and Tiziano shades. Green also plays a leading role, with its livelier shades and in combination with the calmness of gray.

The styles with the shoulder strap, with soft shapes, go well with the animalier, the yellow in solid colors, the black with images of comics and graffiti, the solutions with two juxtaposed colors, in contrast, or in a serene partnership.

The colors of the bags for winter 2019: creativity and elegance

Handmade bag models: processes for an unrepeatable color

The made in Italy leather bags , known and appreciated all over the world, are made in many different colors . Among the characteristics that distinguish the models of handmade bags, one of the most important is in fact represented by the color, obtained thanks to different processes.

In the tanning phases of the product, we start with a pre-dyeing and subsequent dyeing on the garment of the bag , so called because the procedure is carried out on the already packaged garment, inside a machine: the drum . It is a kind of special washing machine, a machine that makes a circular movement, inside which there is a large amount of water containing the solutions of the chosen dye. Once the various models of handmade bags have been immersed, the temperature of the drum is increased, just enough so that the coloring agents are able to penetrate deeply.

Garment dyeing is only one of the many possible techniques, but it is also one of the most used: the result is a bag with a more washed and partly worn look , with a less uniform color .

Following this process, the intervention of the expert hands of the craftsman is able to transform the object that will present a practically unique shade of color .

It is in fact the craftsman who is truly responsible for defining the color of the bag, by overlapping different shades.

The process is finally completed with special treatments, such as finishing , which will help to enhance the effect of the colors and will give the made in Italy leather bags their final, soft and partly retro appearance .

Reptile’s House: leather bags made in Italy

Among the online stores of designer bags , Reptile’s House is a reality that stands out for its splendid textures and precious materials. Furthermore, the attention to detail and the passion of our craftsmen for their work allow us to create a wide range of models of handmade bags, of high quality and with careful finishes.

The Reptile’s House collections are the result of continuous inspirations from metropolitan reality, nature and art. We are always looking for new stimuli, and from the combination of experience and innovation some of the most beautiful leather bags made in Italy come to life.

Iconic models that never go out of fashion: timeless shapes and colors, perfect for interpreting the taste of bags for winter 2018-2019.

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The colors of the bags for winter 2019: creativity and elegance

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