Braided leather bag

Choose a woven leather bag

For women who love to take care of every little detail of their style, the solution to the most sophisticated outfits is the woven leather bag. The special processing allows the light to reflect unevenly, giving off points of light that enhance the colors of bright clothes and intensify the brilliance of black.

Le Genuine leather woven bags are unique accessories, precious containers suitable for any occasion because they can adapt to all types of styles, provided they are sought after.

Whether you want to carry it on your shoulder or prefer a shoulder strap, one clutch to carry by hand or one shopfor, le bags in real woven leather they are the great element refinement and elegance which will add new value to your unique look.

Reptile’s House has been dealing with the issue for more than thirty years realization of woven leather bags, designed by stylists capable of capturing every nuance of female desires and weaving real jewels to show off in the most important moments.

Read on to find out which woven leather bags you can find for sale on our site.     SUMMARY OF THE ARTICLE:

Bags in woven leather, the models Reptile’s House

wealthy intertwined motifs, refined details e elegant colors characterize the collections of woven leather bags di Reptile’s House.

Each item is handmade from our expert artisans and there isn’t one like another: we know that every occasion requires a different model, which adapts to the practical needs of the moment, but no less sophisticated.

Models to wear every day

To move from one task to another during the day, you need to carry everything you need with you. You need a product large, spacious, practical to use leaving you free to move. How about one bag shopto Reptile’s House?

Maryah it is a unique object, with refined weaves and smooth leather parts that combine the double soul of this bag that you can carry either by hand or over the shoulder.  Borsa-in-pelle-intrecciata

Black woven leather bag for an elegant evening

Evening is the time when you bring out the best in you. Your beauty, your class must be expressed by the dress, the shoes and all the accessories. Our bag clutch Tacita, for example, it is a bag clutch in real leather braided black and with fringes, ideal for leisure evenings in which elegance cannot be missing. You can in fact wear it either by shoulder or by hand.  Borsa-in-pelle-intrecciata

Nobody beats the backpack’s practicality

The backpack is the comfort par excellence! Plenty of space for your items and the freedom to move by holding it on your shoulders. Lo leather backpack braided Eclipse it is made with python and calf leather, two raw materials that guarantee great resistance to all your daily tasks.  Borsa-in-pelle-intrecciata

Real precious treasure chests: the handbag in woven leather

You can’t imitate the glamor of the leather handbag. Compact dimensions and details finished with care, the single handle, the interlacing of the leather in contrast with the smooth parts. This is The Mirage,, from the exclusive collection of woven leather bags for sale on Reptile’s House. You can’t not have it.  Borsa-in-pelle-intrecciata

Reptile’s House, for over thirty years the Italian style

Made in Italy in design and fashion is immediately recognizable. Quality raw materials, workmanship attentive to every detail, high value aesthetics. You can touch all this with every hand woven leather bag Reptile’s House, which for over thirty years has given shape to Italian creativity and taste for high-fashion accessories, such as wallets, belts, backpacks and leather bags.

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