Bags shopfor leather: how to choose a gritty classic that is always current

The intertwining of past and future, between craftsmanship and technology, between manual and digital a new modernity, also determined by the return of great, iconic classics, such as the Shopper Bag : designer shopper bags, handmade and ready to be worn with style.

This is Fashion: reworking a classic model to make it look, not just look, modern.

 Leather shopper bags: a gritty classic

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Leather shopper bags: how to choose a gritty classic that is always current

Leather shopping bags: a revisited classic < / a>

Styles and trends of the new handmade leather shopper bags

New and old fashions: why choose shopping bags leather bag?

Reptile’s House: tips for your shopping bag, black or colored

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Bags shopping bag in leather: a revisited classic

“From the basics of an ancient language, create a new and profoundly different one. Almost cutting-edge “

We are obviously talking about a bag that has never gone out of fashion , but who has made a virtue of his past. A democratic bag, accessible to all: the leather shopper bags dress the university student looking for a seat on the tram, but also the powdered madames of the aristocratic clubs.

A bag that created a generation of women freer to express their independence and, like never before, the possibility of having your mundane universe at your fingertips.
Today, therefore, we start from the past, but no longer the reassuring and dusty vintage of the grandmother, in the“ philosophical sense ”of the time. We start from a concept, an idea that has revolutionized the past, and becomes its own to the point of making it modern. Indeed: futuristic.

Like a piece of fabric seventy years ago, the old is taken and reinterpreted according to new canons: canons aesthetic declined in the name of a hidden luxury, which relies on tactile rather than visual emotions. The leather shopper bags rediscover their glorious history, making a comeback as the model flagship of almost all the new collections of the designers of the great < em> maison (see Gucci, Balenciaga, Fendi). And so we at Reptile’s House revisit the classic, offering fantastic designer shopper bags, handmade by expert craftsmen.