Made in Italy bags, an Italian excellence

The craft handbags made in Italy are more than just accessories are synonymous with style and quality all over the world. 

The combination of manual work and first choice leather gives the Made in Italy leather bags   an added value that gives life to unique pieces with an unmistakable appearance.

Made in Italy bags: leather beyond fashion

The Italian bags are made of genuine leather and can be recognized by the small details, treated with the utmost attention. Behind each product there are the extraordinary skills of the master craftsmen who have been able to innovate and keep up with contemporary production by treasuring the strong centuries-old traditions that date back to the Renaissance.

The strengths of Made in Italy bags

• Beauty

At first glance, a Made in Italy bag is immediately recognized for its extreme beauty , which resists over time and is always in fashion . The shapes, colors, leather workings, but also the smallest details are treated with the utmost attention. Thanks to these characteristics, Made in Italy bags are the object of desire of women all over the world.

• Artisan value
Behind the beauty of Made in Italy bags are the extraordinary skills of Italian artisans . Thanks to a knowledge handed down from generation to generation, the artisans are able to work leather and transform it into something precious, beautiful and functional.
Strengthened by centuries-old traditions that date back to the Renaissance, the Italian workforce has been able to innovate and keep up with the times. In this way it distinguished itself and made itself appreciated internationally, starting from the beginning of the twentieth century. Not surprisingly, if during the first half of the century it is the French stylists who create the most beautiful and elegant clothes, it is the Italian artisans who give life to the most valuable and refined accessories.

• Raw materials
Equally important is the choice of raw materials . The bags made in Italy, the result of Italian craftsmanship, are distinguished by the use of high quality materials. Only the best leather is chosen, which is carefully checked during each stage of processing, from tanning to dyeing, up to the finishing touches. Each step is followed with the utmost care, which is essential to guarantee a high-level final product.

Made in Italy handcrafted bags

For over a century , Italian bags have held up the guarantee brand of Made in Italy in the world, responding to the wishes of a very varied clientele, but united by the search for an elegant, refined and long-lasting product 

A milestone to which Reptile’s House also proudly contributes. The future is still and always Made in Italy .

One of the Reptileshouse purse: the Portofino Papaia

The Portofino Papaia bag fully embodies the most authentic meaning of Made in Italy

Discover all the  Reptile’s House Made in Italy leather bags !

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