Handcrafted leather handbags

Handbags in black and colored leather: why choose them?

Every woman looks for a particular and distinctive accessory during her life. An accessory capable of communicating a very specific message – one’s identity, personality, femininity and style.

Here, the bag, an accessory par excellence for every woman, conquers a role that, in a certain sense, reflects that of a faithful partner. When it comes to handmade soft leather bags , handcrafted and full of elegance and charm, many women do not want to abandon their favorite accessory even for the most exclusive evenings. span style = . In black or colored leather, they adapt perfectly to any occasion: both for a daily casual, with a slightly rock note, or for a formal dinner.

The use and value of women’s bags are certainly not a recent discovery. In fact, the bag has an ancient history , even prehistoric. The models that we still find today were born in medieval times: there was in fact the “zone”, a bag to be worn on the belt; the “crumena” or shoulder bag; the “manticula” to be carried by hand, the forerunner of the purse.

Nowadays when we talk about bags we are talking about different styles, which over the years have become a symbol of fashion. The female accessory par excellence is now declined in many different models, each one has its own peculiar characteristics </ strong> and its strengths. </ P>

A shopper or a shoulder bag are among the most functional models, suitable for any situation and time of day. Unlike the purse, special leather bags, are ideal both day and night, thanks to the smaller sizes. Then there are classic and timeless models , those that should never be missing in the female wardrobe, such as handbags in black leather (a versatile color, perfect to transform according to the needs of the moment) ./ p>

But what lies behind the handcrafted genuine leather bags?
The work that leads to their realization, the psychology that is hidden in their affirmation already in ancient times … Let’s find out together in this article.



The value of handmade leather bags

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Black leather handbags – The perfect match

Production of handmade handbags

The value of handmade leather bags </ h2>

Handcrafted genuine leather bags are precious and valuable objects, as they require a long process behind them to be made.
The processing of leathers, also known as “ tanning art ” , boasts a long Italian history, whose origins are found, in particular, in the region of Tuscany. There are different types of skins: sheep, goats, pigs, cattle etc. up to exotic skins, such as crocodile, python, iguanas and finally also skins of various species of fish.

  • Once these materials, ready to transform into refined black or colored leather bags, are imported, they are delivered to the tanneries. Here professionals will select the suitable ones which will then be placed in large containers called “ Bottali ” – watertight. Inside these machines the skins turn for about 12 hours in hot water, lime and other ingredients in order to remove the hair from the skin.
  • In the production of handcrafted bags – such as leather belts, wallets, shoes etc … – the leather, which now takes the name of “crust”, is subsequently tanned and worked for hours by the master tanners. This second phase is called “ Fondo Colore “, during which the wise masters add other mixtures – particular liquid resins to give the color.
  • Afterwards the leathers are taken to the “ Messa a Vento ” to dry and are then ironed by means of specific
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