Black shoulder bag – Made in Italy Design and Tradition

When choosing a black shoulder bag, black is always black (black is always black), perfect inextricably from the season, a guaranteed certainty, always combinable with any outfit, even with the most cheeky or colorful.

Every time, when we women approach us to buy a bag, we are always tempted by the most particular choice or the most difficult color to match, then we go back home, look for a moment with more calm the recently bought bag, we try it well with 1,2,3 outfit of different colors and styles, but we realize that completely does not get us into anything! Then we ask ourselves, but what if we took it black?

Black as always would have been the easiest and quickest choice, but how to choose between the vastness of black bags that the market offers?

Black shoulder bag - Made in Italy Design and Tradition

Black shoulder bags: the features

Our black shoulder bag is produced only with the finest and most sought after materials, behind it there is always a large study of the model and proportions.

The characteristics that most distinguish our black bags are definitely:

  • The easy practicality, for a shoulder use with handle or with leather shoulder strap
  • Lightness, always one of the points we take most to heart, a light and comfortable bag, to take anywhere with you
  • Color, our colors are not the usual that are found around, each bag is washed for hours in large special washing machines, after the pass waxes that make the bag shiny and soft
  • Care for details, each bag is studied and covered several times in detail to make sure that there are never any mistakes
  • Materials, for us since more than 40 years the raw material has always been imported, we always use the finest and most sought after skins>
  • Accessories, quality and detailed with care
  • >female, our bags are always very feminine, for those looking for a chic but practical bag
  • Fashionable, always in line with the strongest trends of the moment

The models made by our Maison are ideal for those who want to feel light and comfortable, they are a real one wildcard that is fine with everything! Black is a timeless color, perfect for every season.

Reptile’s House offers a wide range of models of precious leathers and black shoulder bags are a real one must: severe but at the same time soft and elegant.

Black shoulder bag - Made in Italy Design and Tradition

Handcrafted black shoulder bags

Reptile’s House is a fashion house in the territory of Milan – the beating heart of fashion and design.

The Maison specializes in the design and production of bags, belts, and colored leather backpacks for the arrival of summer and more sober for the cold months.

The professionals of the company express through their work the excellence of craftsmanship Made in Italy. The leather processing is carried out with traditional techniques, supported by the useful tools of innovation.

The roots of the artisan work sink into the past, but the craftsmanship of the Maison is enhanced by special attention to new technologies. For this reason the distinctive products created by Reptile’s House are proposed through a e-commerce site, safe and easy to consult.

Dream about wearing Reptile’s House ”, this is our motto. Our peculiarity lies in trying to match texture different with different types of intertwining, thus creating the right appeal for a Jimi Hendrix without defects.

Among the handcrafted genuine leather handbags proposed by us, special attention goes to the category of shoulder bags: unique and exclusive design. They are gritty, of an intense black and explode in different nuances of colors, like the original metallic black.

Browse our website and discover our attractive selection of shoulder bags, deep black shades.

Black shoulder bag - Made in Italy Design and Tradition

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Black shoulder bag

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