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Why choose a leather craft bag?

Six good reasons for choosing your favorite bag

When it comes to choosing a bag that accompanies us every day, from work, to free time, to a special evening, it is important to know how to evaluate well what we want to invest in. For this you have to do a smart shopping , whether it is a shoulder bag or a large backpack, or a smaller bag, ideal for containing the bare essentials. Every woman always seeks the perfect combination of quality, beauty and functionality, able to enhance it to the fullest.

This is because a bag is not just a simple accessory, made to contain everything we need, but it is much more. It allows us to enhance and give personality to even the simplest look, but above all to reflect and communicate our way of being women to those who look at us.

How to orient yourself in the choice?

Buying a conventional product in any store often means having to compromise and consequently give up the quality and uniqueness of style. On the other hand, moving towards a product from a large luxury brand can often involve an expense that is often unjustified and after a season we would find ourselves with an accessory that is already out of fashion.

A handcrafted bag, Made in Italy , is a guarantee of an intelligent purchase . It skilfully combines quality and style at the right price, now emphasizing the more feminine, seductive or jaunty side of each of us, without guilt. For a woman who loves herself and all its facets, without any fear of expressing them.

Handcrafted bags, why buy them

A question of quality . The raw material, that is the leather, is checked and treated with the utmost attention throughout the process that transforms them into a splendid feminine accessory. From the initial stage of processing, to the final touches, every detail is subject to the same rigorous control, for a high quality result, that is a perfect bag in every detail.

Each model is unique

A shade of color, a knot, an intertwining of an artisan bag are unrepeatable elements capable of enhancing the very singularity of the accessory and of the wearer. Making a handbag and finishing it with care means enhancing every single piece, which is never a simple copy of another, but always differs in one small detail. And only the hand of man is able to create a unique and unparalleled object.

Made in Italy

Globally, a Made in Italy bag is synonymous with a product processed only according to very high quality standards. So when we choose an Italian artisan product we recognize the value and skills of our local workforce and at the same time we do good for our economy.

Unmistakable aesthetics

Beauty is well known, it is not a secondary factor. Indeed, a bag catches the attention of a woman, first of all for its appearance. The shapes, colors, and details of the workmanship are the first thing that catches our eye and immediately makes us fall in love. Together with the quality and value of the finishes, beauty is one of the distinctive elements of Italian handcrafted bags.


Knowing how to stand out is a great strength and a female pride, and being able to express it through our own accessory is a desire that becomes reality. Through the customization service you can choose the model, color and accessories that we like best. With a few simple indications you can transform the bag of your dreams into a unique and exclusive example, like the wearer.

Right value for money

If quality has its price, in this case it is more than justified. Choosing a handcrafted bag means giving value to a quality that resides as much in the raw materials as in the careful workmanship and finishes. Thanks to the intrinsic qualities of the leather, a handcrafted bag maintains its character and beauty over time. Challenging trends and increasing its value even more as it accompanies us in our daily adventures.

Why choose a handcrafted leather bag?



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