Cinture di vera pelle: Da semplice tendenza a pura realtà

Handcrafted genuine leather belts: From a simple trend to pure reality

All the rage in the past decades, handcrafted leather belts come back to life in all their splendor on the spring / summer 2019 fashion catwalks and there are already those who assure that it will be the cult accessory protagonist of the female outfit with its charm without weather.

The belt, synonymous with elegance since ancient times, shapes and defines clothes with that precious touch that makes every combination special. The handcrafted leather belts are always trendy, regardless of style, color or appearance.

Trends, however, constantly change, following the clothing fashions to which they are naturally connected: today they are proposed and revisited by the most loved stylists, by historic fashion houses and emerging talents in every size, detail and finish, to interpret the needs of all. women. The world of fashion therefore draws on its glorious past, transforming the very nature of the object.

The belt, an object with a purely practical function, now becomes an iconic garment, a stylish accessory with an aesthetic and decorative value.

Here is a summary:

From vintage to avant-garde. The belt between past and future

Styles and outfits to match: high leather belts over dresses, the real trend of the summer

Pop influences in high fashion: from the pouch to the tool belt

In search of essentiality: A classic and refined taste

Reptile’s House – A refined taste in the name of glamor

From vintage to avant-garde. The belt between past and future 

The belt is one of those accessories that cannot be missing in your summer wardrobe!

The stylists had fun taking up fashions belonging to other eras, mixing them with more current details, playing to mix them with the looks proposed by fashion in clothing. A fashion that therefore seems to go in all directions: on the one hand the return of past trends and on the other the proposal of many innovations both in terms of materials and accessories.

From the Classic soft leather belt , to thin and almost invisible fashion belts, intertwined leather and straw belts, bold straps with large engraved logos, double belts, with maxi glittery buckles, high belts in colored or solid colored leather. Whether you have a casual or elegant chic style , a sporty look or you love to dare with your outfit, you will be spoiled for choice during the next summer season!

It is no longer a simple detail, the handcrafted leather belts will be the real showpiece, refreshing the most monotonous looks and aiming for a truly spectacular effect!

Regardless of size, style or color, only one thing is certain: from now on it will be impossible for you to do without it!


Styles and outfits to match: high leather belts over clothes, the real trend of the summer 

It is the waistline, the staple of spring.

At the waist he lingers, leaning gently on the hips after underlining it. An obligatory step, highlighted by skilful constructions, strategic seams, gathers that tighten, squeeze and punctually emphasize a division that unites.

As you may have guessed, one of the most fashionable models for next summer is that of the high leather belts to wear over the dress , very useful for enhancing the shapes, slimming the figure and making the silhouette more harmonious.

It is a pass-par-tout accessory for your wardrobe , able to give elegance to your outfit by breaking the monotony of a single-color shirt or to combine two separate pieces.

The high leather belts have managed to establish themselves for their great versatility, creating always different looks: wear them with an attractive dress or a long, thin and narrow shirt; beautiful to wear knotted and high-waisted, over palazzo trousers or a short jumpsuit. And again, tall and thick with an ankle-length skirt or flared trousers; high belts in black leather with a maxi Cowgirl style buckle on a nice high-waisted jeans; python on a floral print dress, for a more minimal but always glamorous look . A brightly colored belt paired with a black sheath dress, over a masculine blazer or over a perfect oversized dress with a knot after the buckle, more classically with a sash over a 60s full skirt.

Genuine leather belts: From simple trend to pure reality

Pop influences in haute couture: from the pouch to the tool belt 

The world of fashion is always in constant evolution.

The pop culture has had a tremendous impact on the vision of designers playing with glamorous details from different eras, creating a contaminated universe of styles: regenerate the runways of high fashion real “mode” taken by streetwear,  elevating cult objects what was once labeled by the same as “inadequate” and “ugly”.

This is the case of the pouch belt, cleared and reviewed by the main fashion houses such as Moschino, Gucci, Versace, which offer an accessory in which freedom and confidence emancipate the woman in movements and gestures. The real trend for next summer will however be the tool belt, micro or maxi belt, to contain in its pockets everything the woman needs, obviously redesigned following contemporary needs.

Genuine leather belts: From simple trend to pure reality

In search of essentiality: A classic and refined taste. 

Who doesn’t like vintage, aged and retro-flavored handcrafted leather belts ? If your wardrobe is full of 60s – 70s inspired garments, such as hippie chic tunics, baggy jeans and fringed bags, the belt that’s right for you is very simple: a leather belt, thin leather braided belts or decorated with sequins and pearls for a more glamorous outfit!

Beige, sand, almond, powder and caramel. Light, soft and natural tones are the expected protagonists in the vintage fashion trends of the next hot season. Soft and pearly colors that have always been loved for smoothing and beautiful shades of color. Accurate workmanship, fine materials and undeniable quality. For sober, elegant belts with a contemporary appeal .

Reptile’s House – A refined taste in the name of glamor 

If you are looking for handmade leather belts online Reptile’s House is the web shop for you!

Today, associating the Reptile’s House brand with one of the best belt designs is natural for those who know the product thoroughly. Quality, innovation, research and a tradition dating back to 1984 are the winning weapons of this internationally known Italian company. Harmoniously combining craftsmanship experience and new technology, the Reptile’s House collection includes a wide choice that includes models that evolve according to fashion trends.

Quality accessories, a study of shapes, the choice of colors and materials highlight the search for a high quality belt, with a clean line but with a lot of character.

The leather, the starting point of every handmade belt, is handled by master craftsmen who follow a manufacturing process that leads the raw hides to become real Italian vegetable-tanned leather , in total respect for nature and the environment.

It is in large wooden drums that the gradual mutation of the leather takes place in the compact and resistant material that defies the years, making these belts a true cult object. A prodigious process based on the use of a natural tannin, on new technologies and on the slow passage of time. To these leather processing is added a singular coloring procedure that involves the use of large washing machines in which the raw belts are immersed and wet, giving each of these particular and exclusive shades of color.

Braided leather belts, with high or low waist, thinner and thicker belts, in any case with fine finishes and ready to enrich your outfit with a precious touch of style.

Discover all the latest news, signed by Reptile’s House.

Genuine leather belts: From simple trend to pure reality

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