Bag with fringe

The fringes in the bag, when the class meets creativity

A meeting between elegance and folklore, class and hippie freedom. There bag with fringes it is the accessory able to enclose in itself two souls apparently in contrast with each other. A strong reference to the 70 years, which return more alive than ever with their always striking style and strong aesthetic impact, with the addition of the refinement of the leather and its unique reflections.

Le leather fringed bags give a fluttering and dynamic look, but with a touch of elegance that only a high quality raw material can offer.

Su Reptile’s House you will find many models of bags with fringes, to meet all your needs without giving up the style you love most.

You can choose one leather shoulder bag great and soft, perfect for busy days when you have to have everything with you with fringes that shout your personality.

Or do you prefer one bag clutch small and practice to combine with an evening dress for an elegant exit to the restaurant or theater? Whatever your needs, the fringed bags will tell you all your grit.






How to wear a bag with fringes

La main feature of fringed bags è the inspiration they are capable of transmitting. For this reason they might seem complicated to combine, excluding a priori some of the outfits you love most and that you would like to wear on more formal occasions.

For this a bag with leather fringes is the ideal solution. Thanks to the high quality raw material, you can wear it for an elegant evening, for example with a sheath dress or a long dress with high heels.

If you choose one shoulder bag with fringes, you can also wear it every day to always have with you everything you need, even style, with a suit and skirt or with skinny jeans, oversized sweater and lace-up flat shoes.




The raw material makes the difference

La skin it is among the oldest materials used both in clothing and in many other sectors. Her versatility, combined with the great strength of the materials, makes it perfect for the production of handicraft products and Made in Italy tradition.

Reptile, crocodile, iguana and ostrich, for example, are ideal skins for carving and lend themselves perfectly to accessories such as bags, wallets and belts.

Moreover, being 100% natural, brings with it always different characteristics, colors and veins, which make each one leather bag truly unique.




Reptile’s House, leather bags with fringes Made in Italy

Each bag with fringes made by Reptile’s House takes shape thanks to the hands of our expert artisans, to whom the support of the most innovative technologies is combined to enhance their structure and aesthetics.

Elegance and liveliness thanks to the brightness of the skin, the bags with fringes of Reptile’s House they are able to adapt to all women, in every moment of their life.

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