Handcrafted bags in woven leather: three collections for spring and summer

The craft handbags woven leather enhance the bright colors and clear because they reflect the light unevenly. They are ideal models for the summer. In spring, the sun begins to get hotter and brighter. The soft bas-relief surfaces of the woven material take on an iridescent personality thanks to the play of light and shadow created by the geometric texture. Choosing among the handcrafted genuine leather bags the model that best suits your needs is of fundamental importance for every woman. So a shopper, a satchel or a refined example among the Reptile’s House evening bags must reflect the atmosphere of the months in which they are shown off. The bag is an essential accessory to make every outfit special, from the most classic and simple to the most innovative and sophisticated . Bags are like precious containers, inaccessible safes. In drawing them, the designers of Reptile’s House try to capture and represent the feminine desires, the dreams of every woman. The “jewels” made by the Maison were born precisely to respond to projects and aspirations. Indeed, Reptile’s House models satisfy practical needs and at the same time provide a valuable object that reflects a precise personality. At work, in your free time, during the evenings with friends and friends, Reptile’s House handcrafted genuine leather bags are the perfect accessory for any place and occasion. Refined, elegant and at the same time decisive, the models created by the Maison in view of the summer are characterized by rich intertwined motifs, the light touch of fringes and different color combinations. The result is three different collections: Corfu , Ithaca and Zakynthos . They are made up of shoppers, leather sack bags, hobos, clutches and trunks, all made on the basis of timeless projects, which resist the fleetingness of fashions. The handcrafted bags in woven or smooth leather by Reptile’s House complete and enhance both  classic  and formal combinations as well as fresh and jaunty ones. Giving a bag: the meaning for the women who are close to us Article summary: Handcrafted bags in woven leather in three collections for spring and summer Curfù collection, designer blue, honey and havana bags for relaxing atmospheres Violet, the dream clutch among the blue bags by Reptile’s House Itaca collection: hemp, red and coffee for bags suitable for travel and everyday life Zacinto collection: shoulder bags in soft leather and clutch with a nostalgic charm Reptile’s House: handcrafted leather bags available online Handcrafted bags in woven leather - Women's Handcrafted Leather Bags

Curfù collection, designer blue, honey and havana bags for relaxing atmospheres

Charm, elegance and inimitability, the three perfect words to describe the new Corfù collection . This line differs for the warm and nuanced colors, which evoke natural environments, with a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The models are characterized by unusual colors, such as golden honey , which can be combined with many other shades, and by simple colors such as  the intense Corfu blue . The main chromatic note is Havana , the nuance reminiscent of Cuban cigars, warm and intense, a classic that never sets.  With the Corfù collection Reptile’s House offers an exclusive series: refined products,  different  textures , fringes and  dense intertwining games  made by hand with scrupulous care. Each bag has one element in common: the material. The leather is soft to the touch, resistant and suitable for any style.  Corfù is a classic collection, but at the same time modern and versatile, and is perfectly suited to the urban environment. This line tries to interpret the desires of women who live in the frenetic contemporary society and need versatile and comfortable bags, suitable for different contexts. Reptile’s House designers work with the aim of responding to the needs of the female public and the Corfù line gives an example of their commitment. The Corfù collection consists of different models: shoppers, handbags, clutches and ultra-modern backpacks, even convertible into shoulder bags. They are leather objects with contrasting and similar personalities, which adapt to any character or need.   Handcrafted bags in woven leather - Women's Handcrafted Leather Bags

Violet, the dream clutch among the blue bags by Reptile’s House

Among the blue bags by Reptile’s House , Violet is the most magical, a small clutch with intense chromatic notes. Despite its small size, the model is practical and easy to combine. It adapts to different contexts: from the casual aperitif  with friends to the most sophisticated and elegant evening.  Traditionally, clutches are worn for the evening, but today more and more often they complete the harmony of clothing even during the day, perhaps with simple skinny jeans   and an oversized sweater  .  Under a sky full of stars or under the sun,  Violet is perfect. Its bright blue makes it combinable with different shades of colors. For an  elegant style the combination par excellence is with white. Refined and equally interesting alternatives are the combinations with the range of dusty pinks, with beige, gray, taupe and  denim . On the contrary,  for a more extravagant clothing  Violet can be combined with corn yellow and pastel yellow, aqua green, light blue, light blue, fuchsia, crimson and Corsican red. For those who dare and want to be refined and youthful, the combinations with silver or gold, more sophisticated and demanding, are perfect. Violet  is wrapped in a dense network of weaves, meticulously made by expert craftsmen. The fringed ornaments give it that hint of movement, as if it were constantly evolving.  A thousand refined weaves delicately unwind to create VIOLET, the bag with infinite facets.  Handcrafted bags in woven leather - Women's Handcrafted Leather Bags

Itaca collection: hemp, red and coffee for bags suitable for travel and everyday life

A goal, a certainty, a point of reference. The Itaca collection offers models of handcrafted bags in woven leather that cannot be missing in a woman’s wardrobe. The lines are sinuous, the shapes soft and evoke the moments of tranquility of the spring holidays or summer breaks. With one of the handcrafted genuine leather bags from the Ithaca collection, it seems to be in the homonymous island, north east of Kefalonia, off the coast of western Greece. The colors that characterize the Itaca series are hemp, red and shades of coffee. The handcrafted woven leather bags of the collection are handmade in calfskin, with python inserts. There are large models and models with small dimensions, ideal for an evening outdoors, to have an ice cream or a cocktail with friends. The lines of the bags of the Itaca collection are designed to respond to a need for functionality that is increasingly fundamental when facing a complex world such as the contemporary one. Even the moments of vacation require an arrangement of the container volumes of a well-organized bag. In fact, very often people go abroad and make challenging trips to reach tourist destinations. So it is essential to have capacious and comfortable leather sack bags or shoulder bags . The Itaca collection includes shoulder bags in soft leather , shoulder bags, clutch shoppers and clutches. Valentine's Day: romantic clothing and leather bags made in Italy for the sweetest day of the year

Zacinto collection: shoulder bags in soft leather and clutch with a nostalgic charm

The third collection of handcrafted genuine leather bags is also dedicated to a small island in Greece, sunny, welcoming and bright. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, Ugo Foscolo dedicated a sonnet to the land that saw his birth and that he had to abandon. “Nor will I ever touch the sacred shores / where my little boy body lay, / my Zakynthos,” is the famous incipit that recalls today’s Zante, west of the Greek coast, under Kefalonia. Therefore, the Zacinto collection evokes all the sweetness of nostalgia. In his verses Foscolo tells of the lack of a place that is dear to him as a refuge, a maternal embrace. But not only cities, hills, roads and beaches are missing. We often miss people, elusive in the tumultuous life of the contemporary world. Or we lack opportunities. We would have liked to undertake a new course of study, but we could not because we had to work. We wanted to go on vacation with friends, but family commitments kept us at home. We were going to go to the theater, but that very day we had the flu. The effort of grasping the possibilities is everyone’s experience. So we always lack something and the lack becomes an engine for everything we do. With the shoulder bags in soft leather and the clutches from the Zacinto collection, the enchantment of thought, which runs to what we lack, is dressed in shapes, volumes and colors. Lack and nostalgia, sweet and melancholy, are medicated with precious objects, all in soft and resistant calfskin. The shades that characterize the Zacinto line are forest green , honey and black. Milan Fashion Week: the trends of the 2019 bags

Reptile’s House: handcrafted leather bags available online

Each Reptile’s House collection develops through a path of continuous creative stimuli and inspirations from the world of nature, art and the metropolitan environment that blend into the three-dimensional structure of fine leather . All products take shape from first choice materials under the hands of skilled craftsmen, who combine experience and innovation in their work. The structure of the Reptile’s House handcrafted genuine leather bags is designed and built with the utmost attention, to make each single product a unique piece. The final result is a range of practical bags with timeless aesthetic qualities, able to adapt to the different needs of an increasingly varied and cosmopolitan clientele, with the desire to stand out by choosing a refined and guaranteed quality made in Italy object  . Discover the whole wide selection of handcrafted leather bags online by Reptile’s House. Access the  virtual boutique  and shop with one click wherever you are. Buy now and wear tomorrow. Handcrafted bags in woven leather - Women's Handcrafted Leather Bags

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