Bags for going out at night: elegant and full of class

” Elegance is the only beauty that never fades, ” said the iconic Audrey Hepburn. In the same way, evening bags keep their personality and style intact over time. A bag is like a jewel : it must exalt the wearer. And what better time to shine than a special evening? To stand out with class, you  need to select the right accessory, because “elegance” derives from the Latin “eligere” and means to choose.


  • Bags to combine with elegant evening outfits
  • Evening bags signed by Reptile’s House, available for purchase online

Bags to combine with elegant evening outfits

When choosing an evening outfit, every aspect must be taken care of down to the smallest detail: from the color of the shoes, to the hairstyle, to the choice of bijoux and the bag. Long dresses go wonderfully with small clutches , while mini dresses go perfectly with shoulder bags, even better if paired with high-heeled shoes, which slender the figure, balancing the length of the lace. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, of harmony or surprise, you can opt for a bag that  matches the colors of the outfit, or in contrast . If, on the other hand, you want to rely on an always effective classic, you can accompany the dress with a   black clutch , which goes well with everything.

A trend that is confirmed as a valid solution for any evening invitation is that of  metallic finishes: gold, silver, black, bronze, pink and iron . With these shades you can recall the colors of the jewels, or even not wear them at all and leave the role of brilliant protagonist to the evening bag. At Reptile’s House, you can choose between different models of   metallic luxury bags , suitable for going out at night. In addition to the  preciousness of the color , we add that of the  craftsmanship  of the leather, which distinguishes all the collections of Reptile’s.

There are several  models  with a metallic finish, for example:

  • Aloha , the python and calfskin clutch, available in silver and iron . The flap closure, the dynamic surface that alternates smooth and soft areas, with the flaky ones and the practical optional shoulder strap, make Aloha  a practical evening bag and, at the same time, of great charm .
  • Mirage , among the evening bags, is a  handmade variant in calfskin, with a short handle , available in iron shades. Larger than Aloha, but with the same  unmistakable personality of a Made In Italy bag , Mirage has three practical internal pockets with zip and a closure enriched by a wavy texture: a mirage of beauty.

Reptile’s House collections are  unique and unrepeatable creations , handcrafted by expert craftsmen of the Italian leather tradition. Each bag embodies centuries of techniques and the pride of being a product recognized all over the world as a synonym of quality.



Evening bags by Reptile’s House, available for purchase online

On Reptile’s House you can buy the luxury collections  at a discounted price and in safety : you can pay with PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer, depending on the most congenial means. In addition, it activates  the option ” Exchange-measure “ , to manufacture a custom template in materials, colors and finishes.

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