Borse a zaino in pelle: un connubio di eleganza e funzionalità

Leather backpack bags: a combination of elegance and functionality

There are so many ways to wear a backpack.

Le leather backpack bags women have been depopulating for some time and combine functionality and aesthetics, presenting itself as a elegant accessory but at the same time practical and able to best complete a casual or more sophisticated look.

The handmade black leather backpacks represent a great classic and a must have for any wardrobe, to wear during the day or in the evening, for an informal meeting or an occasion. For those who love to change, there is then a wide choice between colored leather backpacks, to be combined in different ways, for example to complete a sparkling and cheeky look.

So let’s see together all the possibilities to choose the best accessory for you, whatever the style that best represents you.


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Leather backpack bags: a combination of elegance and functionality

Are you more from maxi bag or from elegant backpacks in leather?

Large and small leather backpacks: which ones to choose?

Not just black: autumn-winter and colored leather backpacks

Examples of combinations: how to combine the leather backpack bags

Reptile’s House: backpack bags and handmade leather backpacks


Are you more from maxi bag or from elegant backpacks in leather?


Today, women who follow the philosophy of life so “it’s always better to take everything with you“They are divided into two great camps: the supporters of the maxi bag and lovers of the elegant backpacks in leather.

Both these accessories, depending on your preferences, are able to contain everything and more of those that are “need” of the modern woman: keys, cell phone, wallet, make-up, brush, toothpaste, toothbrush, snacks, wipes, sunglasses, handkerchiefs, a complete change, etc.

Primarily it is a question of style, as there are pros and cons in both cases. Naturally, we want to focus on the pros:

PRO MAXI BORSA: when choosing an elegant model, it is fine both for the day and for the evening; the maxi bag can be worn either on the shoulder or (regardless of weight) by arm or by hand; when you can not do it anymore, you can rely on the comfortable shoulder strap;

PRO ZAINI ELEGANT IN LEATHER: elegant leather or craft backpacks, they are so many years’ 90 especially if black; when you decide to wear it in a classic way, on both shoulders, the weight will be distributed homogeneously and the posture will be affected positively; when you choose to wear it on one shoulder, your black or colored leather backpack will immediately turn into an elegant shoulder bag; the micro craft leather backpacks, then, I can acquire the value of clucth, with the advantage of being able to be carried on the shoulder.

If you do not consider yourself part of one or the other category but women who like to change their look often and with it also accessories, the leather backpack bags I’m certainly the tactical solution that’s right for you.




Large and small leather backpacks: which ones to choose?


Of models of backpack bags and backpacks in leather there are many and not only to always bring with them all their world.

At the large leather backpacks, perfect for those who do not want to leave anything to chance, there is also a reality made of black and colored leather backpacks, smaller dimensions and that are often shown off as if they were real clutch bags o clutch, with the advantage of being able to be carried by hand but also on the shoulder.

– elegant backpacks in big and smaller leather today they tend to replace the shoulder bags on many occasions, giving a touch Glam be combined with a pair of cigarette pants, a men’s hat and sports shoes, both with a pair of ankle boots and a long dress, perfect to enhance your femininity.




Not just black: autumn-winter and colored leather backpacks


That black leather backpacks are appreciated a bit ‘everyone is not a secret, however, in a wardrobe that respects there is not only black.

For a perfect style, in addition to the most classic backpack bags total black, it is possible to accessorize with colored leather backpacks, able to embellish and illuminate a classic look, as well as to emphasize a more modern clothing.

If the backpack bags in fabric or in different materials have a series of different colors and textures, the same goes for the backpacks in leather, colored in different shades but always extremely elegant and chic: it is possible to have leather backpack bags black and black metal, but also in various shades of brown up to Mahogany color, for a modern and sophisticated look, country or more in vintage style. Colored leather backpacks in laurel and by metallic tonesanthracitesilver or golden and many other nuances, to enrich with a shining touch flashy.

Not only colored leather backpacks but also from different textures, among which the choice of an accessory made with details in woven leather and different models, such as handcrafted leather backpacks that are partly smooth and shiny, partly soft fur.

Choosing the right combinations will not be a problem, as it is an extremely versatile accessory and perfect for any style!



Examples of combinations: how to combine the leather backpack bags


Perfect for any occasion, the large and colorful leather backpacks and the black leather backpacks complete with un touch of elegance any look. Here are some suggestions for different environments and occasions:

  • WORK ENVIRONMENT: born as a comfortable and sporty accessory, we have seen that the leather backpack bags have evolved to perfection even for more formal environments.
    All you have to do is choose one of the many models of elegant black leather backpacks and backpacks to make a great impression, naturally combined with one put suitable, for example with a shirt or a polo shirt, a jacket with a manica sleeve and a trouser suit. A modern look, simple but absolutely not trivial!
  • SHOPPING AND LEISURE TIMEWhether you choose to wear casual trousers or high-waisted jeans and a sweater, or a brightly colored dress under a modern long cardigan, pairing with colorful handcrafted rucksack bags and backpacks will give you that sparkling touch which is needed, even and especially in the coldest season.
  • NIGHTLIFE: the smaller leather backpack bags and the black leather backpacks are the ideal accessories also to embellish an evening look, especially if they are small models and with applications that make them almost a jewel. An evening wear, like a dress and a pair of heels, flanked by such objects will take on a modern and very glamorous note!



Reptile’s House: backpack bags and handmade leather backpacks


For an always perfect look, from Reptile’s House you can choose from a series of different models of backpack bags and handcrafted leather backpacks.

All our proposals are products made with care and passion from expert artisans that have a long experience. Each is inspired by nature, metropolitan environments and all forms of art, in all its forms.

Browsing on our site you can find backpacks and small backpacks in leather, big and small, as well as backpacks in colored leather and that have different textures. We thought about the moments of your day, at work or around shops, at a dinner with friends or at a more formal event, and so we gave life to our collections.

Whatever bag or backpack you’re looking for, choosing the products Reptile’s House you will insure yourself a precious accessoryhigh quality, made with extreme attention to detail and ready to accompany you wherever you go.

You can buy comfortably and quickly and directly through our site or come and visit us at Milan, in our shop in via Montevideo 9 (Solari area).

Do you want more information? Write to us and we will advise you at best browse the site, where you will find all the products of our fantastic collections.


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