Bags 2021: the trends of this spring summer

Each year brings with it new fashions and rewrites the rules of style:  2020 saw fluorescent colors and hues as protagonists  , combined with “savannah” outfits, large and comfortable with tropical textures,  What 2021 holds in store for fashion of bags and clothes?


  • 2021 between outfits and bags
  • 2021 fashion for bags, the must-have models
  • 2021 is the year of handmade

2021 between outfits and bags

At the beginning of the year, two important events are held for the world of fashion, where it is possible to discover the looks that will characterize the seasons to come: Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. This year the two events have decreed that  the mini stands out  as a trend for dresses : for example in leather and velvet, suitable for day and evening and enriched with creative hems, puffed sleeves or inserts with fringes. But be careful: “short” is not a synonym for “tight” and therefore  also space for comfort,  with dresses above the knee in comfortable knitwear and wide trousers. The patterns that will reign everywhere in 2021, especially for golf, shirts and jackets are  checks and pearl embroidery: which respectively recall the imagery of the forest (for the shirts of the woodcutters) and of the sea (for the treasure that the oysters keep).

For bags, on the other hand, the 2021 must-haves are tinged with pastel colors : nude and champagne colors will accompany the outfits with delicacy and personality.



2021 fashion for bags, the must-have models

The most popular models in 2021  range between different shapes, offering a wide range of possibilities, to satisfy all tastes.

  • Handbags , tiny and refined, essential, to carry only what you really need. The   Reptile’s House mini clutches are all in real leather, like the  Olivia model , made of calfskin, worked with a shaded effect on the weaves of the surface.
  • Bucket bags with shoulder strap , it is a shape that is not always easy to carry due to the cylindrical aspect, but it is an accessory that can give a lot of satisfaction, both in summer and in winter, because its versatility enhances all the outfits.
  • Very roomy shopper bags , the best allies on a busy day, suitable for containing everything you need for work, or purchases made.  Eris, the Reptile’s House shopper  can be carried by hand or over the shoulder, according to need and certainly does not go unnoticed thanks to its surface in calf leather, meticulously woven.

The fashion of women’s bags 2021 certainly does not end with the autumn-winter collection: there are also many novelties planned for the summer. The  spring summer 2021 bags  “change skin” and leave room for  baskets  and  wicker bucket models , ideal for both the beach and the hot asphalt of the city.



2021 is the year of handmade

This year the trend is to favor the craftsmanship , the care and the finishing of the handmade details, with a nostalgic note for the vintage detail, such as beaded inserts, macramé, fringes and weaves knotted one by one.

Reptile’s House bags are unique pieces of Italian craftsmanship , worked with different techniques by leather professionals, to offer every woman only the best.

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