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Looking for the dream bag?

Looking for the dream bag? Today I have another gorgeous luxury bag to show you! Can a girl ever have enough bags? Now this is a stupid question !!!!!! This bag is called Iris .

I am absolutely in love with Reptile’s House, the craftsmanship is to the highest of standards in every way! The elaborate weave on this bag is simply beautiful !!! I’m a fanatic when it comes to stitching, and these bags are flawless that way!
I loved their bags!

This is the honey color, which with this metal effect is perfect for every spring outfit! It is soft, flexible and extremely comfortable to wear on the forearm or shoulder! It shapes itself on your body eliminating the bulk that sometimes a bag gives! The interior is filled with pockets for easy organization, plus an exterior zippered pocket to use for your phone!

This is the philosophy of Reptile’s House

Each Reptile’s House collection is developed through a path of continuous creative ideas and inspiration from the world of nature, art and the urban environment that blend in the three-dimensional structure of fine leather, the raw material of which each bag is made.

All products take shape under the hands of skilled artisans, who by combining experience and innovation enhance the structure and aesthetics, making each product unique, different from the other.

Bag of dreams? Tradition and fashion come together for a single purpose

Reptile’s House bags are also born from the hands of skilled artisans, through the application of traditional methods and innovative processes that raise the quality standard at each stage of processing. On the other hand, once the design has been defined, the raw material or the semi-finished leather (crust) is carefully modeled and subjected to processes such as carving, lasering, printing or weaving, depending on the desired effect, to give the surface movement. and three-dimensionality.

The final result is in fact a range of aesthetic practices and timeless quality bags, able to adapt to the different needs of an increasingly diverse and cosmopolitan clientele, but united by the desire to stand up by choosing an elegant product of guaranteed quality. Made in Italy

I LOVE MY, and I know you will love yours too !!! 

Shauna … XO


Shopping Bag “Iride” – Lune Collection – Color: Honey

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