San Valentino: abbigliamento romantico e borse in pelle made in Italy per il giorno più dolce dell’anno

All kinds of genuine leather handcrafted bags: how to choose with taste

The charm of genuine leather bags

Each day is unique and made up of different moments: from morning to evening it would take as many outfits as our commitments. And in the same way they would serve as many bags, better if in real leather.
La skin it is a perfect material for making handmade bags: resistant and soft to the touch, it is handmade and the added value is perceived in the beauty of the final realization.

For those who study or work it takes one large size bag, as the bag shopto, to carry books or PC and a material that remains intact despite daily use.

If for the evening there is no time to go from home to change, the bag must be not only large, but also suitable for a special occasion.

The models of Reptile’s House they stand out from all the others because the bags are designed by stylists and made by craftsmen with a quality material, thanks to a technique that lives through centuries of history. Our distinctive feature is made of tradition, taste and design.

Handcrafted genuine leather bags: bag and shopto

Le Shopping bags they are so called because they have a shape similar to a shopping bag: rectangular, with short handles and a good capacity. They go perfectly with a pair of jeans and a sweater, as well as a more refined look. Sack bags are more curvy variants of shopfor and recall the appearance of a lot of jute. They are large and soft and can be easily combined with a pair of elegant trousers, or with a casual midi skirt.

Vintage bags in genuine leather Made in Italy

The beauty of leather bags made in Italy it never goes out of style and plays with vintage aesthetics. Leather is the main element of this trend. The leather is processed through the tanning process and returns that unmistakable aspect: lived but eternal at the same time.

To bring a retro-looking leather bag you must know how to ride the new trends in an ironic way and enhance this paradoxical combination. The leather bags match any type of dress.

A reference to the 80s: bucket bags in genuine leather made in Italy

Le bucket bags they are an echo that comes from the eighties: they represent a daring mix of one play formto and one style that becomes elegance precisely because it de-contextualizes it.
The round and rigid bottom that narrows upwards allows to distribute the weights and dimensions of the objects. The closure is the point where infinite variations open: laces, buckles, buttons. Straw for the summer, leather for the winter.

Leather on leather: shoulder bags, shoulder bags, handbags

Shoulder bags: a hymn to comfort. Large containers in which there is no lack of closed or open pockets to carry everything you need. The hands are always free, while the bag is firmly anchored to the bust. Ideal for outings, they fit perfectly with an informal outfit and in winter they can be easily worn with a coat.

Shoulder bags: crescent crescent. The characteristic crescent moon shape makes it comfortable to carry under the arm and on the shoulder. They are bulky, suitable for holding a change for a small trip out of town. Perfect with a simple combination: a pair of jeans with a blouse, for example.

Handbags: little joys. It’s about clutch and clutch bags, often they do not have handles and can be held comfortably between five fingers. They have the essential capacity to store smartphones, wallets, house keys: everything you need for an evening.

Reptile’s House: handcrafted genuine leather bags in all shapes for all tastes

Reptile’s House is a Milanese fashion house specializing in the creation of wallets, accessories and bags in fine leather: calfskin, python and crocodile. The attitude behind the creations of Reptile’s House is innovation: we use technologies to enhance the minutiae of craftsmanship.

You can buy all the models of bags online safely on our e-commerce.

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