Un portafoglio in pelle per Natale un piccolo oggetto per grandi ricordi

A leather wallet for Christmas: a small object for great memories

What can you tell? leather wallet of a woman?
So much, very little, sometimes nothing.

In the portfolio sometimes many things are contained, sometimes the strict essential. Come to think of it, it is basically a prosaic object, linked to the most material aspects of everyday life. You can find money, credit cards, debit cards, in some cases checks, all things as necessary as they are not very noble.

So why should a wallet tell something about a woman? There are large and tidy wallets, where the subscription for the vehicles is next to the loyalty cards of the shops, perfectly aligned. The banknotes are spread out in a quiet rest, the coins clink in their dedicated compartment.

Then there are the small walletsbecause there must be only the essentials. There, the five-o’clock cards curl up like unruly hair, fifty-fifty papers roll up like fabrics. The pennies travel from one corner to the other with soft tranquility, while the more tumbled change has some difficulty in avoiding the interlocking of the volute changes.

The fatness or thinness of a women’s wallet in leather they already say something. They are small clues. Of a personality. Of a lifestyle, perhaps. But a real wallet can put itself in the chair and conciliate entire hours on something else, something that escapes the geometries of order and disorder, but captures the labile forms of emotions. The wallet is full of useless objects, those that do not need to pay for the shopping, or to get a discount at the restaurant or in perfumery.

The best stories come from uselessness and here the wallets can have fun. In the purse we find lucky gifts. A small red croissant contrasts with the gold color of the cents. A ticket shows a corner of worn paper. Transparent plastic covers the faces of a photo. This is how a wallet is transformed and becomes a significant object. These are the images that enclose to make it so much information about a woman’s life.

At Christmas, when the whole family meets, when the lost friends call to say goodbye, when even on the street with a smile “good holidays” are whispered, here is a women’s wallet in leather it can be a gift that strikes the imaginary, full of those indelible memories etched on photographic paper and small objects that have a very personal sense.


A leather wallet for Christmas: a small object for great memories


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Women’s wallets in leather under the Christmas tree

Vintage leather wallets for lovers of tradition

Wallet in soft leather to touch the beauty with your hand

Wallets in vintage leather to remember the past

Reptile’s House: a leather wallet for every personality



Women’s wallets in leather under the Christmas tree


A leather wallet for Christmas: a small object for great memories

Un women’s wallet in leather it is a gift that is well suited to the Christmas atmosphere.

In fact, it represents an object of everyday life that always remains handy. The dimension of memory is his own because it is soon filled with photos of children, grandmother’s, the most beautiful moments. So a small leather object that has a predominantly practical function emancipates itself from its usefulness, and acquires also a sentimental value.

So next to the coin that brings good luck in the pocket of the gift wallet, you can insert in the package the first photo that will give a soul to the small object. Under the Christmas tree the gift box is placed next to the baskets full of goodies, to the larger packs that maybe contain a bag or one backpack where the wallet will find a place.

Bags and backpacks are not only the natural habitat of women’s leather wallets, but they are also a reference style, a model that suggests the most suitable shapes and colors to create a correspondence between container and content. In fact, the need is often felt to match the wallet to the purse that you usually carry with you. In this way, when you take the wallet to cope with everyday tasks, the combination of the shoulder strap or the trunk and the clothing is renewed by the similar colors of the wallet.

The handbag that is used most often is that which gives life to a juxtaposition of lines, shapes and colors pleasing with most of the clothing items in the wardrobe. So, if the wallet does during with the favorite bag, it is also suitable to enter into harmony with the overall image of the clothes we wear regularly.


Vintage leather wallets for lovers of tradition

Among the numerous models designed and created by the artisans of Reptile’s House, there are women’s leather wallets suitable for those who love tradition. There sobriety of lines and shapes it is combined with classic colors, easily combinable.

Even the materials recall a timeless style, a beauty that is of the past, of the present and remains secure in the years of the future. The most traditional models of Reptile’s House they are a perfect Christmas gift for those who like to dress in a classic way. At the same time they are suitable for women who often change purse and style, to those who love some foray into the most daring fashion territories. In fact, their discretion does not disturb the harmony of the whole, it adapts silently, always with class.


Holly is the women’s leather wallet Reptile’s House intended to thrill those who love it classic style, sober and elegant. The upper part that closes the purse is made of crocodile leather, a quote of the very fashionable bags in the sixties, but still sought after and admired by women of all ages.

The real container, where the pockets for the banknotes, the cards and the coin are made, is in calfskin, a precious, soft, smooth and warm skin. The lining is made of cotton. The design of the Holly wallet is proposed in shades of brown ghianda and of the ruby, a nuance of calm and deep red, without noise.


Even Ivy looks like a wallet suitable to fulfill the desires of women who prefer one elegant simplicity, muted, but solid as a continuous bass. Rectangular and spacious, it is characterized by a zip closure, very convenient to use, especially when you are in a hurry and should close the wallet in a flash.

Designed with a book shape, Ivy is in Python and is offered in two color variants, the brown shade ghianda and lobster, evocative of the merit of sobriety.


A leather wallet for Christmas: a small object for great memories


Wallet in soft leather to touch the beauty with your hand

The calf skin is fine and particularly soft. At the same thickness and weight compared to other cow hides the veal is fuller and more resistant. In fact, it consists of very close, narrow and thin fibers that give rise to a robust fabric. The calf is a material used for valuable artifacts, made for those who want the highest quality.

Reptile’s House proposes different models of wallets entirely in soft calf leather. These are women’s wallets that are beautiful to look at and touch.


Lumi is a simple portfolio that enhances all the beauty of the calf skin, soft and shiny. Rectangular, with zip closure, it is smooth, with a few stitching interweaving a wide weave, a decoration with a minimalist style.

Spacious and well organized, with twelve credit card slots, ATMs and loyalty cards, a zippered pocket and two open pockets for banknotes, the Lumi soft leather wallet is made of two colors, brown and leather, both with black cotton lining.


Merry is the soft leather wallet by Reptile’s House which is distinguished by bright colors, intense, but full of light. The name already says a lot. In fact, the term “merry” in English means “hilarious, cheerful, lively”.

Entirely made of calf leather, at the top of the closure, Merry presents a texture that visually resembles the woven wicker. The actual container is instead smooth and shiny. This soft leather wallet is available in two colors, open blue and clear, and black “metal”, with a special twist that recalls the metallic.


Nieves is a soft leather wallet which stands out for its well-designed design. The lines are simple, but the texture of the calfskin surprises with an asymmetric juxtaposition. One half of the wallet has a wavy, wide and soft ornament. In the other half the movement of the surface becomes fast, with waves that become dense jabs, signs close one next to the other.

Rectangular, spacious, with zip closure, the soft leather wallet Nieves comes in two light shades, brown ghianda and the lobster.

A leather wallet for Christmas a small object for great memories


Wallets in vintage leather to remember the past

Photographs of the most expensive people are often kept in a women’s leather wallet. The image makes a moment of life immortal that inevitably remains in the immovable laces of the past. The photo is an extension that refers to that immovability, but seals the intensity of the memory. So the faces of the children’s children stay with us even when those little ones have become thirty years old. In the same way, the reassuring expression of a grandmother remains in the heart and in the images.

The past sometimes re-emerges even in fashion. IS Reptile’s House offers two models that wink at the charm of bygone times, which tells of trains with compartments, leather suitcases and yellowed books. THE vintage leather wallet they are objects full of charm, which seem more fragrant than others, only for that suggestion of the past that surrounds them all.


Black and dark, with an irregular texture on the side of the third outer pocket, the North vintage leather wallet it almost looks like a small bag. It is roomy and comes with a thin shoulder strap. The soft calfskin gives it its shape and inside, the lining is made of cotton, dark.


Il vintage West leather wallet it is similar to the North model. As the latter has three external pockets and is designed to also be worn over the shoulder, like a micro-bag. It differs from the North wallet for the color and texture of the external pocket, reminiscent of straws piled up in a natural decomposition.

The color of the model is brown, in a shade that recalls the gradation of chocolate.


A leather wallet for Christmas a small object for great memories


Reptile’s House: a leather wallet for every personality

Reptile’s House is a fashion house specializing in the craftsmanship of leather goods of excellent quality. Among its products there are women’s wallet in leather made by hand that stand out for the refined finishes and the quality of the leather.

The artisans and designers of Reptile’s House they work with meticulous care on the details of each item. Le traditional processing techniques they are maintained and respected to guarantee treated, resistant and durable products.

If the craftsmanship of the objects we create requires a careful look at the past, our proposal is at the same time oriented to the real needs of the contemporary public. This is why we have created a virtual place where you can surf comfortably wherever you are and whatever device you are using.

Style and design give life to portfolios that satisfy the desires of different women, with opposite lifestyles, but united by the passion for craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The wallets proposed by Reptile’s House they are comfortable, spacious and well organized inside. They respond to the need for typical organization of the fast and complex life of our time. If they talk about rationality inside, they look outside to taste and desire to combine an accessory with their own style.

The e-commerce of Reptile’s House is a shop accessible at any time of the day to choose and buy i women’s wallets in classic soft leather, minimalist or vintage.

Choose your Christmas gift online among the collections Reptile’s House.


A leather wallet for Christmas a small object for great memories

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