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6 good reasons to choose a bag Reptile’s House

When it comes to choosing a bag that accompanies us every day, from work, to free time, to a special evening, it is important to know how to evaluate well what we want to invest in. Each Reptile’s House collection develops through a path made up of continuous creative stimuli and inspirations from the world of nature, art and the metropolitan environment that merge into the three-dimensional structure of fine leather, the raw material of which each bag is made.

All Reptile’s House products come from the hands of expert craftsmen, who, through the application of traditional methods and innovative processes, raise the quality standard at every stage of processing. The final result is a range of practical bags with timeless aesthetic qualities, able to adapt to the different needs of an increasingly varied and cosmopolitan clientele, but united by the desire to stand out by choosing a refined object with guaranteed Made in Italy quality.

How to orient yourself in the choice?

Buying a conventional product in any store often means having to compromise and, consequently, giving up the quality and uniqueness of style. On the other hand, switching to a product from a large luxury brand can often involve unjustified expenses and after a season we will end up with an accessory that is already out of fashion. A handcrafted bag, Made in Italy, is a guarantee of smart purchase. It skilfully combines quality and style at the right price, emphasizing the more feminine, seductive or jaunty side of each of us, without guilt.

Quality matters. The raw material, i.e. the skin, is checked and maintained with the utmost care throughout the process that transforms it into a beautiful feminine accessory. From the initial stage of processing, to the final touches, every detail is subjected to the same rigorous control, for a high quality result, which is a perfect bag in every detail.

Each model is unique. A shade of color, a knot, an intertwining of an artisan bag are unrepeatable elements capable of enhancing the uniqueness of the accessory itself and of the wearer. Making a handbag and finishing it with care means enhancing every single piece, which is never a simple copy of another, but always differs in a small detail. And only the human hand is capable of creating a unique and incomparable object.

Produced in Italy. Globally, a Made in Italy bag is synonymous with a product that is processed only according to very high quality standards. So, when we choose an Italian artisan product, we recognize the value and skills of our local workforce and at the same time do good for our economy.

Distinctive look. Beauty, as we know, is not a secondary factor. On the contrary, a bag strikes a woman’s attention, first of all for its appearance. The shapes, colors and details of the workmanship are the first thing that catches our eye and immediately makes us fall in love. Together with the excellent quality and finishes, beauty is one of the hallmarks of Italian handcrafted bags.

Artisan . Knowing how to distinguish is a great strength and a female pride, being able to express yourself through an accessory chosen by us is a desire that becomes reality. Through the customization service you can choose the model, color and accessories you like best. With a few simple steps you can transform the bag of your dreams into a unique and exclusive model, just like the wearer.

Right quality / price ratio. If quality has its price, in this case it is more than justified. Choosing a handcrafted bag means enhancing a quality that resides both in the raw materials and in the accurate workmanship and finishes. Thanks to the intrinsic qualities of the leather, a handcrafted bag maintains its character and its beauty over time. Challenging trends and increasing its value even more while accompanying us on our daily adventures.


Their structure, distinctive shapes and unique handles make it an iconic model that resists the rapid succession of fashions. A true classic that Reptile’s House has interpreted in the name of its distinctive, decisive, feminine and always unique aesthetic. However, Reptile’s House handbags are not only designed to be admired, they are also extremely functional accessories. Each model has useful internal pockets and can be accompanied by a comfortable shoulder strap that makes the bag even more versatile and practical. The fantasies of colors, sizes and styles is deliberately wide to allow every woman to find the model that best suits her tastes and needs.




To meet the needs of every woman, no one excluded, from mothers to career women, to free spirits, Reptile’s House has created a line of shoulder bags, beautiful and practical, ideal for having everything under control and immediately at hand. Easy to combine with any look thanks to the different models of each collection, the Reptile’s House shoulder bags satisfy all style desires and wink at the latest trends, thanks to a contemporary design, always carefully studied. Elegant, comfortable and practical, Reptile’s House bags are made to be lived in and last over time.


red shoulder bag Wave


To give vent to your fashionable streak, there is nothing better than a purse, a model that is always fashionable, compact in size, but which does not compromise comfort and capacity. The internal pockets allow you to comfortably make room for everything you need and to organize it better. Thanks to their practicality and compactness, to the young and refined spirit, the Reptile’s House bag is perfect for those looking for a small voluminous accessory, to be worn during the day, but also in the evening, for an aperitif with friends or an evening with friends. Splendid effects on the skin, such as textures, cuts and knots, give life to the raw material, transforming a simple object into a small work of art, to be worn every day.


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