3 tips on what to pack when you go out

It’s true:  in a woman’s bag there is everything . Often, there are so many things in bags that finding what you need becomes a real treasure hunt, from the make-up mirror, to the agenda, up to the essential triptych wallet-keys-telephone.

Depending on the occasion, different things and different bags are needed : for example, for an evening you need a small bag with essential personal effects, for work a medium-large to contain the PC and for a weekend a large one, in so you have everything you need behind you. How can you organize the content every time you change your bag? Here are  3 useful tips on what cannot be missing inside a  clutch , how to organize a  shopper  and  which bag to take with you on a short trip .


  • What must never be missing in a clutch bag
  • How to organize a shopper bag?
  • Backpack bags, ideal for a weekend away: what to pack for a trip?
  • Choose the right size bag

What must never be missing in a clutch bag

A clutch is a small bag, the contents of which  must be organized and studied in detail  to make the most of all the available space. Inside these bags they cannot be missing: a small  wallet  in which to store documents and money, the telephone and possibly, if you go to an elegant evening, a practical  kit for retouching make-up  with lipstick, mascara and mirror. .

The  clutch bags Reptile’s House  are perfect for those looking for  practicality and style : for example, the  model was  catching attention with its bright red color and adds a lively touch to the outfit. This small  calfskin bag  comes with a  comfortable thin shoulder strap , allowing you to have your hands free just in case. In addition, the  two internal pockets  allow you to store all your personal belongings in perfect order and the  zip pocket it is very useful for keeping your mobile phone safe. If to organize a clutch you need “the gift of synthesis”, even for larger bags you need organization, so as not to lose your personal belongings inside. Let’s see together how to organize a shopper.



How to organize a  shopper bag ?

The shopper format was born as a large bag, inspired by the shopping bags for the purchases of the shops from which the name derives. A shopper model has  large internal pockets , with one or more compartments and  wide handles  that allow it to be carried comfortably on one shoulder.

The  shopper bags of Reptile’s House  are bags  versatile  and  incredibly comfortable : thanks to  large , you can store an infinite number of objects inside them. Like, for example, the  Demetra model : in python and calfskin, this bag is equipped with an  internal pocket with zip closure  and two small pockets for  storing wallet, phone and keys. The dimensions of this model guarantee a  large space  where you can also store a book or your tablet.

The trick to always finding everything you need in a shopper is very simple:  organize the contents in convenient cases : for example,  one for make-up  in which to store the mirror, a lip balm, a brush and everything you need for a quick retouch during the day and  one to store a kit  for personal use with tweezers, nail files, tissues and disinfectant gel. In addition, the size of the shopper makes it a perfect bag for work, in which to insert an agenda , a  notepad to take notes  during meetings and a  portable power bank  to have the phone always charged.



Backpack bags, ideal for a weekend away: what to pack for a trip?

Planning a trip also means organizing the contents of your bag in the best possible way . A  Reptile’s House backpack bag  is a functional accessory and suitable for containing everything you need. If you are planning a trip  outside the city, a  bottle of water , a  snack  and an  emergency kit  (with patches, wet handkerchiefs, sanitizer and detergent) can never be missing inside the backpack bag  . Thanks to its size, a backpack bag is  comfortable and practical for storing your items in the various compartments available .

In  the Eclipse model by Reptile’s House : the  3 zip closures  allow you to organize the space by storing personal effects by function of use. In this way, you will be able to find what you are looking for right away. In addition, with the  adjustable shoulder straps  and the  single handle , you can choose whether to  carry the bag by hand or over the shoulder  and transform it for any occasion.

Choosing the right bag is important: Reptile’s House advice

Choosing a bag is not just a matter of finding an accessory in which to store essential items. Shape, color and size must also be combined with your body, as well as with your outfit . How to choose the right bag? Thanks to Reptile’s House 3 tips it will be easier to find the perfect bag in line with your needs.

All Reptile’s House bags are in  genuine leather and 100% Made in Italy .

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